Gold rudder ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-09
Gold rudder as more than 20 years of bai brand ceramic tile, du is the first choice of many people when buying ceramic tile. But zhi, is also part of the people for it is not too much trust in the dao, don't know how quality, come on, let go gold rudder stores along with uncle, gold rudder ceramic tile of good quality? Where is good? 1. Raw material quality gold rudder materials came from the area of guangdong kaolin ceramic tile, and whiteness of up to 71. 5%, the boss told uncle, whiteness is a major parameter for determining kaolin process performance. Because of the nature of kaolin is often accompanied by metal oxide, after high temperature calcination, these metal minerals will change color, ceramic tile can appear spots. So the higher the whiteness of kaolin, containing the less impurities, repass gold rudder sift ceramic tile factory in addition to iron, make natural ceramic tile quality are guaranteed. In addition, gold rudder ceramic tile to each batch of raw material inspection, potassium, sodium, aluminum, magnesium, iron, silicon and other elements, radioactive, inspection, to ensure that every batch of raw material quality. 2. Uncle appearance advantage if not seen, how I don't believe, now the pattern design of ceramic tile should be so much, but also quite a sense of design, before those & other; Local tyrants nouveau riche wind & throughout; Has ceased to exist, indeed as expected is to look at the face of time, the ceramic tile should also began to spell level in appearance. Staff said, gold rudder tile glaze is the Italian import glaze, glaze used in combination with imported high-definition inkjet printing technology, surface texture clear, the surface gloss of 90 & deg; Above, texture clear, with natural stone material can be real ones. 3. High hardness gold rudder tile adobe USES 7200 tons pressure machine, mohs hardness up to level 7, adobe is not easy to break. In the field, we put the ceramic tile inclined ladder, uncle and another sales staff standing up, stand, don't have any trace of fracture. 4. Good anti-fouling to test gold rudder the antifouling property of ceramic tile, I brought a oily pen specially in the past. In the test, the hard to paint on the surface of the tile, leave a mark in five to ten minutes later, with relatively clean toilet paper to wipe gently, clean in one fell swoop, tile surface color no residual, illustrate the ceramic tile soil resistance level is higher, in everyday use also need not worry about hard to clean up. 5. Uncle gold water absorption water imbibition is mainly inspects the content of today, I gently drop some water on the back of the tile, see how its water diffusion. Result is fundamentally no diffusion water, the degree of vitrified brick is better, bibulous rate is low. In daily life, better do, antifouling effect is good. Above is my test results for gold rudder ceramic tile, hope to help you choose the brand.
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