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good quality ceramic tile grey on sale for outdoor

good quality ceramic tile grey on sale for outdoor

Good quality ceramic tile grey on sale for outdoor

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Porcelain tile
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  • Owenlai runs a complete and standardized customer service system to meet the various needs of customers. The one-stop service range covers from details information giving and consulting to return and exchange of products. This helps improve customer's satisfaction and support for the company.
Product Details
Owenlai pays great attention to details of ceramic tile.Owenlai is certified by various qualifications. We have advanced production technology and great production capability. ceramic tile has many advantages such as reasonable structure, excellent performance, good quality, and affordable price.
Company Advantages
1. Overland ceramics porcelain tile is manufactured with high performance. It is required to pass the following tests: damping capacity, rigidity, thermal expansion coefficient, and dimensional stability.
2. The product has been tested for multiple times to be good in its performance and functionality.
3. People who wear this product have the same comment on it: it is soft and comfortable. Not itchy or too thick.

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Product parameters

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【 Product number 】YTIS2817
【 Texture 】Industrial cement (24 sides)
【 English name 】MANHATTAN SERIES
【 Grayscale 】55-
【 Style 】Industrial cement style
【 Light sensitivity 】9-15 degree soft light
【 Product size 】450×900
【 Skid resistance 】R10
【 Touch 】Composite face

Product glory

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If a decent and fashionable dress is the protagonist, then there is no doubt that exquisite accessories are absolutely important supporting roles; if a table of delicious delicacies is the protagonist, then there is no doubt that utensils with design language can best complement each other; if a smooth running is the protagonist, then there is no doubt that the positioning of the interior car decoration status is self-evident. Most of the time, people can only get a glimpse of the place, but it is the real taste of a person can be seen. Details have become the criteria for judging the quality of life design. Just like a good modern home design, it does not depend on whether it follows the simplicity of "cut-off" or not, nor on the creative functions, but on the details can achieve the ultimate, there are touching points to support.

Product features

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Made with Italian technology and imported Italian equipment
Excellent workmanship and excellent performance
good quality ceramic tile grey on sale for outdoor-4
good quality ceramic tile grey on sale for outdoor-5
Suitable for bedroom, bathroom, etc.

Product question

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About the goods

Every item 100% tested before shipped to you.If there is something wrong,pls kindly contact us to deal with that.

About feedback

For this store, your ideas and suggestions are very important. Can you take a minute or two to give us your valuable comments or suggestions? Please thank you in advance.

Company Features
1. From basic design to implementation, Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd continues to deliver quality porcelain tile in advance at a cost-effective price.
2. Our continuous research and development work on ceramic tile will ensure that we maintain technological leadership in this century.
3. We are committed to going in compliance with the laws and fulfill obligations and responsibilities. We will deal fairly and equitably with our coworkers, suppliers, outsource partners, and customers. Our factory has advanced production machines. Some highlights of those machines are a decrease in failures, greater productivity, and energy efficiency.
Mugs Description

good quality customized sublimation ceramic tiles for sale 


Sublimation is one of the very few methods you can print full colored images onto fabric, ceramics and hard surface. Thousands of colors can be produced with sublimation (even if you choose a 4 color printer).

Choose one object with your own design, which will be your unique gift.



Custom printed tiles 

1. Detail information






 sublimation printing




1. Smooth and delicate ceramics

2. Coating uniformity and stability

3. Good transfer effect

4. Customized accepted

Great cutting and extremely quick through porcelain tile, a versatile set for sizes and great price
Love it but it's not off white and white like the description says. just all white
The colors are perfect. Be aware that the size and shape of the mosaic tiles are different than pictured.
If you’re wondering with hard stone and tiles on daily basis you should have this drill bits
Great looking tile, moderately priced, came in undamaged, and the job came out outstanding.
This tile is good quality tile, has a thick surface coating and not easily scratch-able. The only downfall I had was I got one less sheet of tile in the box than originally stated.
Work great especially for the money.
I cut these apart for my ceiling mosaic and they really are a great addition. Super easy to install, high quality tile.
I needed to install an air pressure button for my garbage disposal through a granite counter and drill from the bottom. I couldn't use wet so this dry saw was the only way I could get it done. Only took about 120 seconds through one inch with the 1-1/4" saw. Fantastic!
We ordered these for our shower in the Cayman Islands. They look and feel lovely!
These drill bits are extremely fast and chew through the hardest of materials including porcelain. Simply thread them onto your grinder without the need to
Gorgeous accent tile. Subtle and sweet. Love it in my shower.
This a great buy! Although the picture on Amazon doesn't show the true color(remember this is Pink), I did see from other websites better picture but Amazon has the best prices. Our contractor just put them in today, and it is just beautiful. We are very happy with the quality, shipment and the turn out
I just had my tile installed around tub, steam room walls and ceiling. The tile guy does tile for a living and had not tried these and was very impressed. No guide needed to start hole because they cut so smoothly. I have never used one and I drilled the holes out perfectly for him.
Top for tile
Really pretty, quality
Needed to hang fixtures in the bathroom with subway tiles on the walls. Voila! These made the job neat and easy.
This is a great set of drill bits. I bought another set for redoing our outside of house stuff like shutters, and several of the bits literally snapped in half. These ones all stayed together and worked well. No breakage and they all easily drilled holes and pilot holes.
I like it. Works well.
Love it. Makes cleaning the kitchen floor so very easy and does a great job. With two cats it is amazing how dirty the floor gets with them running around. Easy to use, steams great. Wish I had bought this years ago!
Do you want super clean floors, and a quick way to do it? Then buy this steam mop. There are 4 people and 2 dogs (48lbs and 70lbs).... this thing is awesome. I just got it, so I hope it lasts years.
Great at cleaning tile floor. Better than the Eureka which I'll use for the garage floor. It doesn't get the grout clean at all which is really why it was purchased. A bit of false advertising in my opinion. Still it steams up fast and the water reservoir is easy to fill.
Fine item
I use the mop on tile floors. It cleans film type dirt fine, but does not retain small particles, hair, etc. Floors must be vacuumed prior to mopping. I had a Bissell vacuum/mop prior to this which did pick up the particles, but it quit working after a year. My next purchase will be another brand.
Good product, easy to install and has weight to it.
Very good product although water tank could be larger.
Mommies rejoice! I needed this very badly. The mop is quick and easy to use. My floor is no longer always sticky... Just sometimes. I like knowing that I can clean up without chemicals.
The steam mop is easy to use and appears to do a great job of cleaning my home.
very easy to use on large ceramic tile floor. It picks up dirt well but pad has to be washed / cleaned often. I would but it again!
Cleaned much of the old accumulated grime in creases of tiles, but not all. Did not clean grout as shown in promotional photo of the item on Amazon with first two uses of mop. Small brush on the back of the mop seems pretty useless. Will keep using with hope that tiles cleaning will continue to improve.
Many others have reviewed the effectiveness of this mop. I'm going to review the warranty process and the longevity. I purchased this mop December 2014. In February 2015, the cap on the water tank broke. (From the other Amazon reviews, I can see this is very common.) I called customer service, provided my serial number and model number, and received a cap over a month later in March. The cap was out of stock when I called, which is why it took so long. Last month, in September, the mop started shooting hot water out the back, and then eventually wouldn't steam. I called customer service again. The agent walked me through troubleshooting for 5-10 minutes. That involved plugging the mop in and adjusting the temperature settings and removing and then re-inserting the water tank. Initially, he suggested I just use a "lower steam setting." That irritated me for a few reasons: 1) I should be able to mop at any steam setting without hot water flying out of my mop and 2) I had already said that it was happening on all three steam settings, anyway. Eventually, though, the agent concluded that my mop was broken. He emailed me a FedEx tracking label that arrived within a couple hours of our call and asked me to mail in the cut cord off my mop. I sent the cord on 10/7/2015 and the cord arrived at Bissell on 10/12/2015. Bissell sent the replacement on 10/15/2015 via FedEx, which then transferred the mop to my local post office. The post office delivered my mop on 10/19/2015. To sum up: the turnaround time was from 10/7 to 10/19. Not too bad. I purchased a low-end Swiffer and some wet pads to mop my floor in the interim. Okay, now let's talk about the longevity. Some people get a defective mop that dies out after a few uses. Mine died after 9 months of use, but I want to qualify that. I am a clean freak and I mop every single day. I only mop a 600-square foot apartment, so the mop doesn't stay on for very long (maybe 10 to 20 minutes per day), but I do use it every single day. So, that means I got nearly 300 uses of the mop before it quit on me. If you mop once a week, which is probably what Bissell is anticipating as a typical or even overly generous estimate, then you very well may get 5 to 6 years' use out of this mop, assuming everything is working correctly. Your cap could break, but the mop itself - again, assuming the best-case scenario - will last about 5 to 6 years IF you mop about once a week. In other words, around 300 uses divided by 52 weeks per year = 5.7 years. If you have to mop a huge house once a week, maybe you'll only 3 to 4 years' use out of it because you're leaving the mop on longer. Seeing as how I mopped every day, the mop stopped working faster than is typical, I suspect. Bissell stood behind its warranty and replaced it fairly quickly. I didn't have to argue or beg. I don't know why Bissell was so good to me, but has stiffed others. I didn't mention where I had purchased the mop, I didn't ask for a replacement up front - maybe those were factors. Bissell also volunteered to email me the FedEx label. I didn't have to ask for it or wait for one to be sent to me via snail mail. Maybe my experience was unusual. I don't know. For what it's worth, the mop cleans very well and meets my expectations. I am only docking it because the longevity is an issue. If you want to know whether to buy it, calculate how much you plan to use it either in minutes per year or days per year. Also, if you are having a problem, call Bissell. Sometimes I think people just throw their hands up and put a broken or defective item away in a closet. Call and demand satisfaction.
Works exactly as expected. Arrived in good condition. Easy to assemble and operate. Reaches temperature in one minute. Steams as expected at each setting. Steams evenly across the mop head. Removes dirt effectively. Powerbrush works okay, but a little awkward. Floor dries rapidly after cleaning, i.e. doesn't leave a lot of water on the floor after steaming.
Love this Steam Mop, have been able to use it lightly on my hard wood floors and excellent on vinyl floors.
love the fact that it is steaming the floor as I clean. some other mops make you pump the handle to release the steam. be sure not to leave the mop in one place as it will soften the glue under the flooring if you have vinyl
I love this thing! Cleans great. The only thing I don’t love is that the water tank isn’t very big and doesn’t last long but it is very easy to refill. Very simple but powerful.
excellent love it, easy to use.
Delivery time was great. They were perfect for my bathroom vanity. Matched my bath fixtures perfectly.
Exactly what I was looking for. Used on a bureau as the drawer pulls. Loved that they came with two size screws!
This is way beyond my imagination. I didn't know my floor has that much dust or whatever stuff until I wash thoes mop cloth. One is not enough, I used three of them and they change clear water into pure black. I almost cry. I only hope the water tank can be bigger so I can put on highest steam level for longer time. Other than that everything is fine. Easy to use. After I mop twice by this, I use dry swiffer to test it. The swiffer paper is clean, LOL. Now I feel better when step on my floor.
Was hesitant, but glad I ordered. Cleaned up my tile AND grout very well. As others have said, you need to let it sit and steam for really dirty spots, but I felt it worked well for the price.
I have used the mop a couple of times now and it performs very well. It gets up the tough scum with just the steam and no detergent. My main problem is the cost of the mop pads. Basically $10 each if you buy the Bissell product. When I bought it, I thought there would be some reasonably priced after market pads available. Not so. I spent some time searching Ebay and Amazon and found absolutely nothing. If you buy one of these units plan on spending at least another $20 for additional mop pads. You really need to have a couple extras. They get filthy quick but that's kind of a good thing. Revised Review: The cap on the water tank cracked after 1-1/2 years. Kind of a stupid thing to break, obviously an design issue. The Amazon listing said the warranty was a year, the Bissell website said it was two years, when I called for warranty service the operator said it was three years. They sent the new one out without any further questions. I suspect they had problems with the part because the orignal number was superseded. I upped the rating 1 star for very good customer service. I still think the pads cost too much but good customer service eases the pain of $10 dollar mop pads.
The quality is excellent! The price is incredible!
First of all....I have tile and the shiny laminated floors. Tile super easy to clean, laminated floors not so much. Most products leave a filmy residue. My usual method is water with a little vinegar and quite a tiresome process. Then afterward all the hard work, it would leave feet marks. I have been wanting a steam mop but very hesitant in buying one for fear of ruining the floors. After many reviews and thought process, I finally decided to get this mop. I have had no regrets in buying this mop! I bought months ago, btw. I do use the low settings and work my way through the laminated floors quite quickly. But they look great and feel so clean without any slimy residue. I haven't been able to make feet marks disappear or minimize (we have 4 kids---so they are there), but it has made it easier to mop them away anytime I need. It has not made the floors buckle either to my great surprise. It works great and as expected in the tile and dries pretty fast also. This mop has cut time, made my floors look better than ever, and made mopping my floors the not-so-hated task of the week! Do not wait years like I did to improve your housecleaning.
I just received this mop and took it for an inaugural run over our floors which have been constantly under attack from a toddler and were starting to get pretty nasty. In short, the mop was amazing. It effortlessly blew away stuck on food and grime that my old mop, a Shark steamer, couldn't come close to removing. It really was shocking to me how well it cleaned with such little effort. Completely amazed. I like how the Bissell distributes steam very evenly throughout the entire mop head, something my old mop didn't do. I also found the variable steam settings to be useful. Despite its amazing performance, a few things that keep it from being a perfect 5 star product for me are the cord length and the lack of an off button. While the cord is a decent length, I still had to unplug and switch outlets a few times to cover the same area I do with my Dyson vacuum on a single outlet. The downside here is that each time I unplug the mop and plug it back in I have to wait ~10 seconds for it to get ready, then select my steam level, then wait another ~20 seconds for it to build up steam again. Not horrible, but not ideal when I have to switch plugs several times for my large cleaning area. Still, a great product. Very happy overall.
I love this steam mop! I have laminate floors on over half of my house. About 7 years ago I tried a steam mop and was disappointed with the streaks it left on the floor. Now that I have a baby, I was looking for something to clean my floors easily and effectively. After reading many reviews on several different steam mops, I decided to go with the Bissell Powerfresh. Not only does it not leave streaks on my floor ( I use the lowest heat setting to be cautious) it also leaves a pleasant fragrance with the scent disk that slides into the mop pad. The mop heats up quickly and slides easily along my floor. I'm able to have baby on one hip to use this if I need to. If only someone could clean my house for me several times a week now! Pets and a baby= messy!
Easy to use and works well on my tile floor- as well as my wood floors. I am pleased with the results
Works great floor was very clean when finished. I really like how light weight and easy to use.
I went through 3 different steam mops before getting this one and, finally! I found one I really like. The washable pad is great and the steam settings are perfect! I only wish it had a bigger tank for water but that's not really a big deal.
Good product so far. The only change I wish they had is to have the steam outlet tucket in further into the steamer.
Love it
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