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good quality ceramic tile stone from China for bathroom

good quality ceramic tile stone from China for bathroom

Good quality ceramic tile stone from China for bathroom

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Porcelain tile
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Owenlai's marble tile suppliers is commonly used in the following industries.Owenlai always gives priority to customers and services. With a great focus on customers, we strive to meet their needs and provide optimal solutions.
Company Advantages
1. Overland ceramics ceramic tile has passed through a complete and complex processing method which includes preliminary testing, inspection, dimensioning, setting, damage analysis.
2. The product is guaranteed to the product is 100% qualified as all defects have been eliminated in our quality control procedure.
3. Our professional team guarantees high quality and stable performance.
4. The product is environmental-friendly, having low impacts on the environment. It can be widely used in construction projects to achieve cost-effectiveness.

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Product parameters

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【 Product number 】YTIS2817
【 Texture 】Industrial cement (24 sides)
【 English name 】MANHATTAN SERIES
【 Grayscale 】55-
【 Style 】Industrial cement style
【 Light sensitivity 】9-15 degree soft light
【 Product size 】450×900
【 Skid resistance 】R10
【 Touch 】Composite face

Product glory

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Product features

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Made with Italian technology and imported Italian equipment
Excellent workmanship and excellent performance
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Suitable for bedroom, bathroom, etc.

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About the goods

Every item 100% tested before shipped to you.If there is something wrong,pls kindly contact us to deal with that.

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For this store, your ideas and suggestions are very important. Can you take a minute or two to give us your valuable comments or suggestions? Please thank you in advance.

Company Features
1. Since established, Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd continually manufactures and updates products such as porcelain tile to satisfy the needs of different markets.
2. We have a group of engaged management employees. They have devoted themselves to this industry for years and have abundant experience and knowledge. This ensures us to provide the best service and positive outcomes for our clients.
3. Anytime when we cooperate with our customers, we will always keep [经营理念] in mind. Ask online! Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd has always adhered to the fine traditions of porcelain tile, and it has been strict throughout the whole process of business management. Ask online!


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If you’re wondering with hard stone and tiles on daily basis you should have this drill bits
Great looking tile, moderately priced, came in undamaged, and the job came out outstanding.
This tile is good quality tile, has a thick surface coating and not easily scratch-able. The only downfall I had was I got one less sheet of tile in the box than originally stated.
We ordered these for our shower in the Cayman Islands. They look and feel lovely!
These drill bits are extremely fast and chew through the hardest of materials including porcelain. Simply thread them onto your grinder without the need to
Gorgeous accent tile. Subtle and sweet. Love it in my shower.
Great cutting and extremely quick through porcelain tile, a versatile set for sizes and great price
Love it but it's not off white and white like the description says. just all white
The colors are perfect. Be aware that the size and shape of the mosaic tiles are different than pictured.
Work great especially for the money.
I cut these apart for my ceiling mosaic and they really are a great addition. Super easy to install, high quality tile.
I needed to install an air pressure button for my garbage disposal through a granite counter and drill from the bottom. I couldn't use wet so this dry saw was the only way I could get it done. Only took about 120 seconds through one inch with the 1-1/4" saw. Fantastic!
This a great buy! Although the picture on Amazon doesn't show the true color(remember this is Pink), I did see from other websites better picture but Amazon has the best prices. Our contractor just put them in today, and it is just beautiful. We are very happy with the quality, shipment and the turn out
I just had my tile installed around tub, steam room walls and ceiling. The tile guy does tile for a living and had not tried these and was very impressed. No guide needed to start hole because they cut so smoothly. I have never used one and I drilled the holes out perfectly for him.
Top for tile
Really pretty, quality
I love my Bissell powerfresh steam mop. I have used the mop several times since purchasing it. I love how easy it is to use it, no chemicals, and cleans well. I do need more fabric pads because I have trouble getting mine really clean.
i was surprised how much I like this. Cleans well, no rinsing and dries quickly. i did a major cleaning first then this is maintaining it very well and I don't put it off necause it is fast and no mess.
I like this cleaner. It is important to use distilled water and I wet the mop covering first with regular tap water. Gets the floors clean. I would recommend it.
I don't write reviews, but this deserves one! My wife actually told me that I made a great choice and that don't happen very often; she is so frugal about everything and tells me that we don't need it but after her using it she actually told me she liked it. It really does what they say it does.
I was worried after I read a review saying it was to large to get around the toilet but I loved the larger steam head because it covered more area faster. I could still clean around the toilet with ease.
Ease of use makes this an Ideal cleaning tool. Just add water (prefer distilled) to tank then slip it into place press the on button. Wait a moment then press the level of steam desired and start mopping. When done turn off then simply detach the cloth mop head and throw in the wash. It's that simple and the mop does an excellent job cleaning without chemicals.
Definitely worth it!!
we have used the mop 5 or 6 times with good results. steam portion works well, mop head sort of pulls off as you are using the mop, but overall we are satisfied with the product.
works perfectly. Only steam mop with constant flow of steam without a stupid button or lever to push. So nice!
It works great, just wish I had bought it years ago. It is so easy use and my floors are clean all the time.
Works wonderfully
I recently purchased a townhome with hardwood floors and I've tried many products with no good results until I purchased this. My floors are looking like they did before I purchased the place.
Lightweight and easy to use, much, much better than a mop and bucket. Did all that I expected it to do.
When a person that CLEANS for a living gets a big smile after using product - you KNOW you made the right move in the purchase! Floor feels GREAT after cleaning with it - well pleased
Housework game changer. I vacuum my hardwood and slate kitchen/bathroom floors with a dust attachment first and then finish with the steam mop. It's a breeze to use. I love the high heat on my slate kitchen floor - really gets rid of grease and grime. Hold the steam over stubborn spots for a few seconds and they're gone. So easy to use and lightweight.
Bought this for my son and his wife. They have huge kitchen covered in stone tiles. They laughed at me, but you should see them now! My daughter in law is telling everyone how wonderful this tool is. No more buckets or sinks full of soapy water, no more sloshing a mop all over, then walking across very wet floor to wring out mop then start trying to mop up soap then rinse then mop then rinse again then mop till dry. No buying refills of sprays and replacement pads for the other type of mops. Just one mop, water and pad that you throw in the washing machine when dirty. Turn it on move it around and your floor is sterile, no bending , no sloshing , no money over and over again,no back and forth to sink. They are done in minutes and their floor which used to be dirty all the time ( two kids under four ) is clean all the time, because it doesn't take any time! WE LOVE IT !!!!!!
Tried multiple cleaners for my real wood floors. Turns out the way to make the look best involves no cleaners at all! Super impressed with how my wood looks after using this steam cleaner. Also doesn't leave it wet, so I'm not too worried about damage. I use this on my tile floor also, but I'm not as impressed with it's ability to clean grout.
Wonderful machine!
Works like a charm! We have a new puppy as well as a cat that sheds like there’s no tomorrow. This thing is easy to use and leaves my floors feeling squeaky clean!
This steam mop has really changed my cleaning game. Moving into a brand new house, I thought I wouldn't have to do much, except for maintain the flooring (we have tile and laminate), but our tile had this weird sticky residue that I could not get out with any of my other mops (Swiffer WetJet, Swiffer, and scrubbing with a brush on my hands and knees), but this took it right off like it was nothing. It also does wonders for our laminate, because it cleans with water, it doesn't leave any residue or film, and our floors are super clean without any of the chemical smell. So far this steam mop has performed really well, the cleaning pads are easy to wash along with our other microfiber cloths we use for cleaning, and it takes barely any time to heat up. It's been about 6 months, and I'm still loving it!
I love this mop! The one thing I wish would be improved is the intensity of the steam. If it came out stronger I would never need to scrub.
This is my 3rd floor steamer. I enjoyed my other steamers and will never go back to a bucket and mop. This steamer heats quickly and the tank, though it seems small, holds enough water to clean more than a few rooms. I was worried when I changed to Bissell, but this has been very good tool.
I LOVE this steam mop. I usually don't write reviews but this has made cleaning more efficient (and sanitary) I had to share. I've had no issues with it. I've had it for over a year. The different steam intensity feature is great. Cord is long enough to maneuver around my entire house (750 SQ feet). I usually can get two mopping sessions out of one tank of water. Make sure to wash the mop heads with vinegar and baking soda so that they continue to absorb liquid (detergent and fabric softener leaves a film).
Easy to use, cleans fast
I was skeptical because there are so many products out there. But it works great. I've used it at low steam setting on my hardwood floors and high steam setting for tiles. No complaints.
Strong, work for what they're meant for. Comes in a convenient box. Fast shipping. Pleased with the purchase.
Just an Ok Product. I was disappointed as Amazon has the Bissel 1940 a their "Best Seller" and as "Amazon Best Purchase Choice". This steam mop is a heavy mop. Do not like the fact that when you have to plug it in an outlet when moving from room to room you have to wait a few minutes before it even lets you choose the steam speed, makes cleaning your floors longer. It leaves your floor with streaks so definitely did not like that either, didn't feel that it cleaned them properly; mind you I used the "Bissell Eucalyptus Mint Demineralized Cleaning Product" which is useless and a waste of money. My home is approx. 2000 sq ft and have Italian Porcelain Rectified Floors through-out my home, in my opinion this steam mop does not have the wow factor. I do not understand what the hype was. Oh and you barely see the steam actually work. I am being generous in giving this steam mop 3 stars.
Oh My Gosh! We have a wonderful porcelain tile floor, and since it was installed I have struggled forever to clean the floor so that it IS clean and also looks nice. Sooooo, Step 1 in the former reality: Scrub the floor with castile soap and a scrub brush... Let dry. Step 2: Clean the floor again with clean water and some soap as needed. Step 3: Wash the floor with vinegar to help it dry without streaks. Step 4: Dry the floor with old towels. Step 5: get frustrated that the floor is not as clean as I wanted, and it dried with streaks... DANG!!!!! Fast forward to today... Read the instructions, put water in the tank (note: only filtered water and it sanitizes with the steam), plugged it in, and 30 seconds later I am cleaning the floor, scrubbing, steaming, and WOW! It worked a treat. No grime, no gummy stuff (where the heck does that stuff come from anyway?), no dirt, and NO STREAKS. One time through and it is beautifully clean The whole room seems cleaner and brighter. If you really want clean tile floors with a minimum of effort and no cost for expensive soaps, PLEASE consider this unit. As the Brits would say: "I am so well chuffed!
I love this! I was a little worried when I ordered this product but I use it all the time and it works GREAT! I am so happy i bought this and would recommend this to anyone! very easy to use and set up!
Ehh leaves for streaky.
Cleans well. Previous models did the vac, clean, and dry all at one time.
I thought I was cleaning my floors before but after using this the first time I realized how dirty they actually were. Now that I have continued to clean my floors twice a week it's still amazing how much dirt it picks up. This is on wood floors of a "No shoes inside household" though there are 2 children under 4. Also it is in a 4 seasons area, rain, snow, mud etc.
Well not enough steam holes and it only pushes around the dirt unless you continue to change out pads, or mop the floor first then use your steam cleaner last but that kind of defeats the purpose. Wasn't too thrilled with it
great product just wish it were wireless!
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