Health net new ceramic tile ceramic tile degradation of formaldehyde

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-22
Engaged in product research and development of all know, for the revolutionary innovations, from the laboratory to industrial product assembly line is a long way, health net ceramic tile, from the innovative research and development, to the scale of production, to establish the standard model, in order to 'the newer, more refined, more beautiful' achieved health net ceramic tile practical and large-scale production engines. The harm of formaldehyde is everywhere, in formaldehyde industry also mess again. Therefore, the ceramic tile is focused on the customer pain points, developed real lasting degradation of formaldehyde products safe and efficient - — Health net world tile. What is a healthy net world ceramic tile? Will be a special new materials involved in tile, ceramic tile through activation of the high temperature over 1200 degrees, ceramic tile in the continuous absorption can release after infrared light waves, the molecular structure of formaldehyde fracture. 1 / special materials science and technology, more than 1200 degrees high temperature activation is in addition to aldehydes motivation of the special material fire inside the tile, continue to absorb the light energy, the harmful material such as formaldehyde and benzene decomposition. After the whole reaction process safety, without any harmful substances. 2 / Ann aldehyde technology formaldehyde removal rate of 85. 2% ( Within 24 hours) Led technology creates peacefully aldehyde, active degradation of indoor formaldehyde and other harmful substances, efficient, fast, proved by national authoritative organization detect, 24 hours per cubic meter of experiment in formaldehyde removal rate is as high as 85. 2%. Testing results show that the emission peak wavelength of infrared light near the 8 microns. It is known that 4 mu m ~ 14 microns within the scope of the far infrared wavelength and water molecules at the same vibration frequency of the human cells, when the body surface by radiation, can cause cell molecular resonance, to generate heat effect, and activate the human body surface cells, promote human subcutaneous tissue blood microcirculation, promote metabolism, improve human immunity effect. 3 / net long-term continuity, not decay, in addition to aldehydes in master does not need special light, degradation of formaldehyde material continues to formaldehyde molecule chain rupture, and oxygen reaction generates carbon dioxide and water, continuity, no attenuation. 4 / primary aesthetic love at first sight the new specifications new upgrades, inkjet three-dimensional spray printing, the subtleties of the primary nature vividly brick surface, natural deductive bedroom space, meet people of different sensory enjoyment. Health net industry specific introduction: 750 x 1500 mm ceramic tile TPGW157205 pegasus 750 x 1500 mm ceramic tile design idea: inspiration from pegasus in hurley hole mountain feet had trodden rick inspiration fountain, flowing lines like bliss smoke diffuse, layer cascade folds, look be like common however lasting appeal is boundless. TPGW157206 Venus 750 x 1500 mm ceramic tile design concept: inspired by a perfect figure and appearance, is a combination of elegance and charming Venus, elegant gray, layout of uniform atmosphere, high gloss, color jade texture, better present various natural weathering texture and stereo feeling, make the brick surface texture clear and meaningful. TPGW157207 adonis 750 x 1500 mm ceramic tile design idea: the inspiration comes from the Greek mythology legends pattern adonis, born out of the tree burst. Filar silk YaBai seemed from light grey tension and expansion. TPGW157209 Laurent black gold 750 x 1500 mm ceramic tile design concept: black symbol of the mature and steady, gold symbolizes the spout. Line texture is seemingly chaotic, pieced together can show the feeling of a unique fashion sense and in the future, and black color is tie-in, can apply colours to a drawing gives space senior feeling more. Every breath, is related to your health, let's contract for you every, every tiny pollutants purification. Ceramic based on customer value, household environment health should be brought into the scope of research, innovative degradation of formaldehyde products, let consumers but bear home appearance level, more become guardian household environment health guardian, your wonderful life, starting with healthy breathing. Look at the article recommended: ceramic tile floor tile and you together to protect their homes
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