Hengyang ceramic tile identification level inventory

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-18
About hengyang identification level inventory has been dalian ceramic tile the owners of the biggest concerns of a point, here is to go into more detail about for everybody about hengyang ceramic tile identification level inventory information, hope these hengyang ceramic tile identification level inventory information can help to you. Wrote the level where logo packing of ceramic tile quality grade words write bad points of a less known and inferior brand is best buy brand-name second-line three lines with respect to OK to buy the goods you want to see written on package is classy article classy article is the best quality in the same ceramic tile. What are the specification of ceramic tile floor tile size: 1, kitchen kitchen floor tile size choice above we should take a look at concrete pattern of the kitchen, if we are going to decorate the kitchen open type kitchen, the floor tile that we can choose a larger specifications, such as 600 * 600 mm specifications and even the floor tile of 800 * 800 mm is ok, but if the kitchen area is smaller then kitchen floor tile size small make up recommend using 300 * 300 mm, small kitchen is unfavorable use the floor tile of size is too large, or for the overall impact of the kitchen was poor. 2, the size of the living room floor tile: first we want to make sure we choose is archaize brick or bo changes a tile. If use archaize tile need not consider using 600 * 600 mm, 600 * 600 mm spread out beautiful and few archaize brick 800 * 800 mm, if use bo changes a brick advice is also choose 600 * 600 mm! ! ! ! With 800 * 800 mm across the shop only four and a half. Determination of dimensions for our living room floor tile has a important influence of ceramic tile of choose and buy, can help us do sitting room whole style has a lot of help. 3, the balcony floor tile size: the balcony as a space of contact with the outside world, our floor tile is more important when the choose and buy, small make up recommend in the balcony floor tile of choose and buy when choose the floor tile of smaller size, the general advice is 300 * 300 mm, the balcony floor tile size should not be too large, the area of the balcony is not big, so we should try to choose the small size of floor tile to decorate the balcony. What are 1, glazed tile ceramic tile norms: 152 & times; 152mm( 3 / m2) 200报; 200毫米( 25 / m2) 200报; 300毫米( 7 / m2) And so on. 2, connect body brick: 300 & times; 300毫米( 2 / m2) 400报; 400mm( 3 / m2) 600报; 600毫米( 8 / m2) 800报; 800毫米( 6 / m2) And so on. 3, polishing tile: 400 & times; 400mm( 3 / m2) 600报; 600毫米( 8 / m2) 800报; 800毫米( 6 / m2) 1000报; 1000毫米( 1 / m2) And so on. Above is the small make up for everybody finishing information about hengyang ceramic tile identification level of inventory, hope these data can help to the owner's friends in need.
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