Home decorate metope ceramic tile, different different space requirements

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-20
Will tell from the application scope of space, ceramic tile in the interior decoration is divided into metope ceramic tile and floor tile. Both floor tile, wall brick, suitable for use the ceramic tile species and its performance has a professional requirements. Today, we come to know about the family is decorated, about the characteristics of wall brick and its application. Wall brick features besides villa another matter, the family is decorated mainly refers to the wall brick of wall brick, just as its name implies is used for interior wall tile, the function of protection and decoration. Due to the wall brick with both beauty and practicality, therefore, although indoor metope adornment material and many, but most of the kitchen, bathroom and balcony will choose shop sticks ceramic tile. In order to more easy cleaning and maintenance, wall brick surface is smooth, high smoothness and gloss. And, because of the wall brick need to paste on the wall, so generally a thinner than the thickness of the floor tile, lighter in weight. Specific to different space, the family kitchen wall brick wall brick selection and application of each have differences. Kitchen oil not only heavy, rich water vapor, and high temperature, acidic. Kitchen wall brick, therefore, requires both to moistureproof waterproof antifouling, also ability of high temperature and corrosion resistant, easy to clean, even at the same time it is recommended to use glazed ceramic tiles or bo changes a brick. It is important to note that in order to better protect the kitchen metope, recommended in the behind of ambry of kitchen burning gas and wall brick. Toilet wall brick toilet requirement for wall brick, mainly reflect in terms of waterproof performance, more need to choose the ceramic tile of bibulous rate is low. If the wall brick bibulous rate is higher, in the bathroom damp environment, will be prone to empty drum falls off phenomenon. So, many families will choose to the metope of toilet covered with tile. In addition, you can use the wall brick of different design and color, to functional partition of toilet, such as the local shop sticks ceramic tile Mosaic metope of in the shower area, more personalized. The balcony wall brick the environmental characteristics of the balcony is sun exposure time is long, half open space easy to rain, easy to dirt. So, the balcony wall brick bibulous rate is low, moisture-proof and waterproof, stain resistant able to bear or endure look, convenient cleaning and hygiene, but also not easy to fade. Small sizes of archaize brick and Mosaic, wall brick used in more in the balcony. Of course, besides kitchen, bathroom and balcony, dining-room, study and bedroom can also use the wall brick, but does not usually entire wall brick; And, by contrast, to the practical requirement of the wall brick not so high, so complicated, consideration is given priority to with illuminative beautiful sex. Decorate in the actual when home of choose and buy wall brick, selected according to different space characteristics, can choose the more appropriate wall brick.
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