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by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-17
The diversity of ceramic tile must match the right decorate a style, so as to make them give full play to its advantages, the properties of a few simple look at below the ceramic tile of decorate a style to match. 1, contracted style, contracted style is one of the modern people like to decorate a style, the pursuit of practical and easy, simple, choose light color attune of pure color polished tile or marble tiles can reach the effect. 2, Mediterranean style: with romance is given priority to, the blue sky white clouds, natural and pure and fresh, use some inferior smooth archaize brick and Mosaic. 3, European style: European style compatible and showily elegance and modern fashion, the luxurious atmosphere also comfortable and romantic, not only can choose light color attune of marble tiles. 4, the classical style: classical style luxury atmosphere, on colour and lustre should choose soft, delicate, have qualitative feeling of ceramic tile, 5, French style, French style is romantic, nice can choose bo changes a tile or polishing tile, low-key colour, create a space of simplicity and elegant atmosphere. 6, rural style: after is natural and simple, elegant and comfortable, select the archaize brick. 7, Chinese style style: Chinese classical elements to decorate, ceramic tile with brunet department of archaize brick, don't use polishing brick. 8, Korean style: with popular in han drama, Korean is decorated also become a kind of modern young people prefer, this kind of style is more sweet and lovely, can choose light color fastens marble tiles. 9, southeast Asia style: with ethnic characteristics, leisure comfortable give priority to, can only use stone and wood is given priority to, build luxury and original state. 10, mix building a style: the pursuit of personalized decoration, optional collocation, because of individual be fond of, can be exaggerated, design and color is complex. Contact: miss Sue contact number: 18680030677 ( With WeChat) Company address: foshan city zen JiHua four-way meaning beautiful home sanitary ceramics 14-1 in the world 15,
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