Home ground shop sticks ceramic tile, why bad breath lingering after each sweep the floor? ( Below)

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-22
As the saying goes, life is a feather. In the family's daily life, will inevitably encounter all sorts of trouble, big and small. Cleaning is a simple housework, but also often there will be some unexpected & other Wonderful work & throughout; A lot of problems of owner. Among them, the normal mop the floor, ceramic tile ground was the unpleasant smell, is a mystery to many owner. To find the problem reason, should start from the external cause and internal cause. In the article the home ground shop sticks ceramic tile, why bad breath lingering after each sweep the floor? ( On) , we have learned, dirt and water quality is poor, mop tile unqualified raw materials, low density, high water absorption and ceramic tile can cause this phenomenon. However, in addition, if the ceramic tile in the firing process mixed with sulphur and silicon, improper or shop sticks ceramic tile, and produce the empty drum ceramic tile phenomenon will cause internal ceramic tile emits an odor. First of all, from the perspective of the internal cause of ceramic tile, some manufacturer to make wider interests, manufactured, produced in the production of sulfide or silicide, and hidden inside the ceramic tile of small pore, once the environment conditions are ripe, such as encounter a rainy day or mop the floor, be affected with damp be affected with damp, will smell. Second, to have the empty drum ceramic tile ground, loose itself is not solid, and even fractures. Mop the floor at the time of the dirt is easy to seep into the ceramic tile, and over time can cause microbes, to produce peculiar smell, especially often contact with water, damp kitchen and toilet on the ground. Moreover, the ceramic tile in front of the shop is stuck need after bubble water, when the shop is stuck need to glue mixing cement mortar. If you do not pay attention to when bubble water and stir, use water more smudgy, also may penetrate into the ceramic tile, ceramic tile in the subsequent use of peculiar smell. In addition, in order to avoid the ceramic tile cracks caused by the heat bilges cold shrink, normally, the shop is stuck, seam caulking after completion of the shop is stuck. If caulking do enough meticulous, brick joints easy to hide the dirt, the accumulation of dirt, black and yellow, what will happen after be affected with damp be affected with damp mildew, breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms, time grew also may produce peculiar smell. By analyzing, we can see that causes of odor various home sweep the floor, is not the quality problem of the ceramic tile, ceramic tile shop sticks process does not reach the designated position is one of the main reasons. When buying ceramic tile, remember don't just see ceramic tile surface, thinking to focus on internal quality of ceramic tile; After decorating the shop is stuck, will confirm to the meticulous carefully. The quality of ceramic tile and brick construction, once found that the problem should be handled in a timely manner.
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