Home ground shop sticks ceramic tile, why bad breath lingering after each sweep the floor? ( On)

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-04
Ceramic tile is beautiful atmosphere, adornment effect is good, and strong practicability, long service life. More and more families when decorate, can choose shop sticks ceramic tile. But there is no lack of to owner after the check-in, the ceramic tile, the ground spread after cleaning mop the floor every time there is always unpleasant odor. At first, some owners think that is a problem of mop, mop replaced several times, however still not working. So many owner transfers suspicion to the ceramic tile quality problems. So, why can produce peculiar smell after pulling the land, is really a ceramic tile to be the problem? Small make up brush, have found the following reasons may lead to this phenomenon. Reason one: mop and water quality problem if you use a mop smudgy, poor water quality, easy to breed microorganisms, and may attach metabolites, itself with peculiar smell. Sweep the floor, can directly to the peculiar smell to indoor. After this is also a peculiar smell, most owner immediately think of the reason. Testing method is very simple, as long as the replacement of clean water, and clean, dry mop to pull over. If change the smell disappeared after that is the mop or water quality problem; If still can produce peculiar smell, excluding mop and water quality problem. Suggestions in the daily clean, mop after use clean as soon as possible, and to dry or dry. Reason two: ceramic tile material after ruled out the mop and water quality problems, can consider whether the tile itself quality problem, mainly includes the use of the raw materials of ceramic tile is in the process of production problems, and the density and water absorption of ceramic tile firing problem. , some manufacturers in order to control costs, cut corners, or mixed with clay, or the use of substandard raw materials, can make the density of ceramic tile internal low, thus providing a space for the breeding of microorganism. When ceramic tile to be affected with damp be affected with damp, easy to produce peculiar smell. Moreover, when choosing ceramic tile, it is often difficult to through the naked eye. Reason 3: ceramic tile is bibulous rate problem caused by this kind of situation and reasons for two phenomenon & other; Similar & throughout; The high, and the density of ceramic tile is not enough. But, in addition to raw material problem, fire craft and technology could also lead to low density ceramic tile, etc. Low density ceramic tile, often with the problem of ceramic tile is bibulous rate is high, in the process of mop the floor, can easily absorb dirt moisture, increase the growth of microorganisms, it is easier to send out a peculiar smell. Unqualified raw materials, ceramic tile or ceramic tile is bibulous rate is high, in the event of problems will be more difficult, the solution can only be pry ceramic tile shop is stuck again. Therefore, when the choose and buy is cautious and avoid buy inferior ceramic tile.
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