Home have a brick, you have to know the ceramic tile clean for necessary

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-22
Ceramic tile has become a family to decorate the necessary decoration materials, and with the continuous development of ceramic tile category and expanded, range of application is more and more widely, from exterior and interior wall to the application of the ground is becoming more common. Since this year, with the further development and promotion of rock board, ceramic tile began to no longer limited to space applications, is applied to household product development. From the developing trend of ceramic tile current, it can be said that, after our home life will be more and more applications related to ceramic tile. Well, what ceramic tile is dirty, how should maintain? A brick in the home, learn about the daily cleaning and maintenance knowledge of ceramic tile, reduce clean-up problems of daily life, it is essential. Why ceramic tile will be dirty before introduced how to cleaning and maintenance of ceramic tile, first to learn about the ceramic tile is the source of the stain, why ceramic tile will be dirty. Simple generalization, the stain of ceramic tile is mainly produced in decoration construction process and daily life. On the one hand, when the family is decorated, always in the construction process will inevitably have soiled the paved tiles, such as some glue, batch of gray dust, cement, man-made, such as line pipe to identify very affect the aesthetic of ceramic tile, if not clean up is more difficult for a long time. On the other hand, due to urban air pollution, dust, after a period of time after use, the ceramic tile of home is always easy to accumulate dust. And if the home has children, age small, always like on metope, graffito of the scribble on the ground everywhere. In addition, hutch defends a space is more special, heavy oil, water more easily mildew corrosion. How clean the dirt of ceramic tile, however, ceramic tile surface is smooth, moistureproof mildew corrosion resistance, easy to clean. Especially with antifouling glaze layer or surface layer of ceramic tile, stain won't into ceramic tile, clean up will be more easy and convenient. So, how should ceramic tile clean? For common stains of ceramic tile, clean can use home ready some some cleaning detergent, such as detergent, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, etc. , usually with a wipe clean. If the stain on the surface of the ceramic tile retained longer, more stubborn difficult to clean up, can be homemade ceramic tile cleaning. Such as laundry detergent, vinegar, alcohol modulation of the can be completed bottle is very nice and efficient ceramic tile cleaner. In addition, there are still some space is the ceramic tile of special besmirch, such as kitchen and toilet, ceramic tile, near the sink perennial prone to rust after use. At this time can pass salt and vinegar configuration, covered the ceramic tile surface rust out.
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