Home have the children inside toilet decorate should pay special attention to four points

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-15
Although the toilet in the home of usable floor area is not large, but its design and decoration is also to be reckoned with, to have children in the home, even more so, if do not have a design and decoration in place, are likely to meet with uncertainty of safety and security problems, so must complete the following 4 points. 1, prevent slippery can not lightly, to prevent slippery. Bathroom shower room is usually relatively will be very wet, regular there is water on the floor, if you don't pay attention to, is very easy to slip and fall, especially in the need to pay special attention to the home of a child. So personal advice guys: (1) prevent slippery ceramic tile tile bathroom shower used by real estate, but need to pay special attention to choose the style is very easy to clean, there are some tile surface is rugged, a concave groove, very easy to accumulate dirt and stains, is not convenient to clean. (2) if there is no deal with floor tile can also consider the use of large area of mat. (3) in the room and bathroom materials materials can also take into account the laying quality of anticorrosive wood floor. (4) on prevent slippery floor tile surface cutting processing, to set aside enough drain way way all round, faster to the best of the ground water, so there is a very good prevent slippery effect. 2, buy sanitary ware, less to have edges and corners, select the rounded rectangle design concept. Some children often go to bathroom shower room to play, especially in the is when parents in the bathroom shower room, children also very much like to get in. If the bathroom cabinet, toilet, bath crock that some sanitary ware is angular, although looks very personal fashion, but brings the risk of uncertainty. Therefore, when choosing sanitary ware design concept is to pick the rounded rectangle, better protection child safety. 3, design, decoration as simple as possible, pay special attention to receive. In the place out of reach of children, do a few more sanitary hardware accessories and bathroom shelf, put all kinds of products are on the above, receive arrange appropriate, can also according to see carefully use of demand, and to maintain the whole bathroom shower room clean and tidy organized, so the good atmosphere for the body to ride comfortable. And will be used in cosmetics, adult soaps contain the corresponding chemical composition of the valuables in the children's reach place, can also prevent children eating by mistake. 4, the problem of indoor and ventilated can't careless. Bathroom shower room of the bacterial virus is relatively more, all kinds of pollutants are intertwined with the very damp, for example the waste from the body, basket, water pipe, hair falling, in addition to flavor agent, ammonia, etc. , if indoor and ventilated not smooth, is likely to become breeding grounds bacteria and viruses. So the bathroom shower room is equipped with window, regular open, and personal advice every time use bathroom shower house, all need to open the exhaust equipment, every day to clean, remove waste paper on time.
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