Home kitchen ceramic tile such collocation, daily use more comfortable

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-21
Ceramic tile looked at simple collocation, to actually discovered when choosing building materials market, the original there are so many exquisite. Many owners and collocation of ceramic tile of choose and buy when, mostly focused on the decoration of ceramic tile and decorate a style to fit, often neglected in the practicality and ease of use in everyday family life. As an important & other home to prepare three meals a day; Work & throughout; District, the kitchen not only high temperature and high oil, and easily wet the dirt. So, how to choose ceramic tile, high temperature resistant oil resistance, long service life, and clean up more easily? Due to the particularity of the kitchen space environment, when choosing ceramic tile, in addition to examine and check the conventional parameters such as size, roughness, and focuses on its water absorption and the fouling resistance and abrasion resistance. Ceramic tile is bibulous rate of testing method, you can use the water penetration test; Detect the fouling resistance, then only need to use mark pen to write a few words on the surface of the ceramic tile, wipes with a rag. Life, the kitchen may sometimes accidentally spilled in or on the ground splash some water, suggest to choose the ceramic tile of bibulous rate is low, wear-resisting coefficient tall, prevent slippery effect is better. And metope can choose glazed tile, ceramic tile surface has a transparent glaze layer of protection, resistance to grease effect is better, clean and simple and convenient. For cooking enthusiasts, the mood is very important, when cooking may directly affect the play of cooking skills. Prepares food in order to maintain the stable mood, the kitchen ceramic tile colour collocation is also very important. This is also a lot of owner are very easy to ignore. Compared with other regions in the home, the kitchen is a high temperature and soot are very heavy. As a result, the collocation of design and color of ceramic tile, proposal as far as possible choose light color department, or cool color to move, such as light green, light gray, etc; At the same time, pay attention to avoid the warm color ceramic tile, such as beige, this can let a person feel relaxed and not annoyed at high temperature. And, the area of the kitchen is generally small, light color fastens ceramic tile also can rise to enlarge a space on the vision effect. Home usually divided into the sitting room, dining-room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom different functional areas. Different regional environment characteristics and exert the function of each are not identical, so there are differences in requirements for application of ceramic tile. When choosing the kitchen ceramic tile, need to pay attention to the water absorption and the fouling resistance, good collocation suitable type and color of ceramic tile. Above is selected to kitchen ceramic tile is tie-in and advice. Before going to the kitchen ceramic tile of choose and buy building materials market, it is suggested that the owners to understand and master the relevant practical knowledge, not only can save time and effort, little take some detours, also can reduce unnecessary loss.
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