Home to secondary decorating toilet, ceramic tile design and color is how to match

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-21
When people is decorating, pay more and more attention to space overall style of shape, and the collocation of color is harmonious, and plays an important role in it. In recent years, about family decorate secondary heat is higher and higher. Decorate in the toilet for a second, in order to the style of whole space and tonal unity, need to pay attention to ceramic tile design and color selection. Because a seemingly small toilet, ceramic tile design and color collocation have greatly exquisite. Then, the ceramic tile of toilet in the aspects of design and color should be how to choose, what are the considerations? First of all, the design and color of ceramic tile of toilet, need to consider the space size. For ordinary families, the area size of toilet in domestic space, generally small, recommended to choose a light brown, beige or part that the ceramic tile of simplicity of design and color, bright color, avoid to appear space narrow and small, produce depressive feeling. For toilet is a big family, the choice of the ceramic tile color space is large, in addition to the ceramic tile that light color fastens, also can consider gray brunet department such as ceramic tile, fastens collocation of waist line or the line that play a base. It is important to note that the overall colour is not too bright or fancy, need to bring a person more comfortable visual experience. If the family size of toilet, can consider to slant warm color ceramic tile, create a more comfortable space atmosphere. Want more personalized adornment effect, can also be warm and cold ceramic tile ceramic tile color match. In order to present a more complete and unified style, space toilet tiles in the collocation of color, in addition to consider the size of toilet, also consider whether harmonious and other bathroom products colour is tie-in. As the saying goes, 3 big wei yu, means the bathroom cabinet, shower room and toilet. Among them, the shower room is mostly transparent color, toilet is given priority to with white, the color of the bathroom cabinet can be customized. Therefore, when considering tile colour is tie-in, can put the white as the main tone. But for the sake of health in daily life more convenient cleaning, ceramic tile is not recommended to use pure white, especially the floor tile of toilet. In addition, in view of the adornment of the family in different space and use function, ceramic tile colour collocation is different. Such as decorating toilet, need to need to create a visually neat and clean, bright and generous space atmosphere, thereby improving bath life experience; At the same time, also need to balance its usefulness. And the second toilet decorate the colour collocation of the balancing and other sanitary ware. Above is the secondary when decorating toilet, ceramic tile design and color is tie-in and the choose and buy is introduced and the suggestion, hope can help to all of you.
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