Hotel decoration of ceramic tile of choose and buy skills

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-22
With the development of times, it is easy to find, now many five-star hotels in the lobby, restaurant, elevator room or guest room toilet are using the same kind of material - The application of ceramic tile, ceramic tile in the hotel design is very extensive, it is a big challenge for the hotel of ceramic tile design. A, the style of ceramic tile must choose the ceramic tile in harmony with the hotel design style. If is ou shi, I'd choose the ceramic tile of European are the ceramic tile of pastoral can choose some fabric, cloth art ceramic tile also is very good-looking, now archaize tile is also a good choice, if the hotel use ceramic tile area in bad light don't use the polishing tile. Second, the light pattern of ceramic tile can appear daylighting is good, but not to bear or endure dirty, dark stain resistant lighting is a slightly dark, of course, or in combination with the actual situation of the hotel area, the ground used the ceramic tile must be chosen prevent slippery ceramic tile. Three, the ceramic tile of choose and buy skills 1. See ceramic tile ceramic tile is bibulous rate is bibulous rate is lower, on behalf of the inherent stability of ceramic tile is taller, also is more suitable for moisture or space of the moisture content is higher, and won't produce the problem such as shading. Simple detection method is fall in ceramic tile the reverse side with a cup of water, water damage diffusion is rapid, show bibulous rate on the high side, conversely is low. 2. The color of color and roughness of ceramic tile the clearer, the better, it did have a look at the pinhole to the naked eye, pinhole easy accumulation of dirt, then observe the roughness of ceramic tile, side flat, shop is easy, effect is better. Four, the feeling of color hotel is spacious and bright, let a person feel relaxed and cheerful. So ceramic tile is very suitable for use in the sitting room that light color fastens, such as white, light beige. For hygiene requirements high, can choose pure color floor tile, make visual more comfortable, but need to spend more time and energy to clean.
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