Hotel market of ceramic tile should be how to choose

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-16
Hotel in traffic, not only to give us profit, but also caused a certain pressure to hotel market ground. So the ground of the hotel market basically is to use high wear resistance of floor tile, not only beautiful, and life is long. 9B908- Diamond - 800 * 8001, should be referred to the purchase of manufacturers for products, product quality inspection certificates and test reports. 2, be estimated in field test, observe carefully products with or without sleeve, spots, such as crack, axial bubble, corrugated particularly product quality problem, with the above problems can not be used. 3, careful look at its size, up and down, left and right sides is the same, should be fixed on the plane, it's not easy to suddenly become warped edge problems. 9B912- Diamond - 800 * 8004, listen to the voice: knock, with good thing clear sound, then the higher the degree of vitrified, product quality is better. Can also be left thumb and forefinger and middle finger clip a ceramic tile, relaxed and natural prolapse, with his right hand middle finger tap ceramic tile, if the sound is ringing, sweet for classy article, such as noise depressing, ZhiZhuo a-one quality. 5, drop test, the droplets can be in the back of the ceramic tile, see how quickly invaded wet after water out, under normal circumstances, the water absorption ability of the slower, reflect the relative density, the greater the ceramic tile; In turn, the faster the water absorbing capacity, reflect the relative density is sparse, there in front of the product quality to a superior. 6, inspection by hand. The two bricks with his fingers hold each other after the collision, sound clear loud to conform to the standard products, low noise depressing turbidity certainly has its own quality problems. 9B916- Diamond - 800 * 8007, well off color resolution: because the floor tile one-time order quantity is large, if there are special clear off color between a number of packaging, decoration effect is very affected, to all packaging product sampling inspection comparison, careful observation of the change of color, the color can not be used. 8, completes the antiskid ground test, hotel in traffic, that will also include the elderly and children, to the ground of floor tile prevent slippery level, avoid customer slip. When choosing a? Must first rule out the ground when prevent slippery floor tile ability is poor. Style is numerous, Overland ceramics as fifteen years enterprise production and operation of ceramic tile ceramic tile factory - Overland ceramics. Have been continuously introduce new ceramic tile, and reliable quality, reasonable price, so has the size of the engineering across the world, domestic outfit orders, no wonder ~! Overland fifteen years has always followed the fashion constantly progress, launch all kinds of new style for you. Welcome hotline: 86 - 757 - 87678922 ( With WeChat)
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