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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-10
Kito how kito ceramic tile ceramic tile in the industry with numerous honors and halo, kito brand value but also great, by the world brand laboratory evaluation of 26. 3. 8 billion, is China's most valuable fortune 500. In the Shanghai world expo and the guangzhou Asian games stadiums tiles and VIP rooms are adopting kito ceramic tile ceramic tile, ceramic tile making kito successful route to the internationalization of the world. Kito ceramic tile design inspiration comes from nature, the ceramic tile of it has been hailed as a & other; A thinking throughout the ceramic tile &; , the product does not look dull, is permeated with culture, whether from the texture, color, or style, it is very personal, very good. Kito ceramic tile of the technology of 3 d laser super clear scan: USES the international high and new technology of 3 d laser scanning, through reverse feedback principle, rapid scanning, the object to be tested without reflection prism can be directly obtained high-precision scanning point cloud data, but no contact hd input have cultural value not to be exposed to such as raw material, for the design and color of exotic and even nearly extinct. High-definition inkjet printing: the introduction of imported Italian top inkjet equipment & ndash; KAREjet,360dpi( This refers to the output pixels) , 7 color printing machine, KAREjet adopt the world's top British diesel nozzle, through technology improvement to achieve long nanometer spray print, ink grain of fine and homogeneous, color more full, more vivid, with hd photo print effect at the same level. Kito price kito ceramic tile ceramic tile reddish/brown K165513/514 Chinese style style reference price: 8. 00 kito Europe type style ceramic tile its embroidered red K165532/533 / reference price: 15. 00 kito marble tile KGFA060495 flow reference price: 20. 00 kito K050513/514 Chinese style style ceramic tile reference price: 47. 00 kito ceramic tile rhyme moving stone embroidered red K050430/431/432 of Europe type style reference price: 65. 00 kito ceramic tile european-style sand rock K060468DA reference price: 78. 00 kito modern style ceramic tile jade tiancheng K080621 reference price: 200. 00 ( Source network, price is for reference only) As long as you are able to describe the requirement of ceramic tile, believed that can all be found in kito ceramic tile, from kito the manufacture craft of ceramic tile can know, kito pursuit of ceramic tile is natural, each piece of kito ceramic tile looks different, can say is worthy kito ceramic tile ceramic tile of most thought. The focus is on kito price of ceramic tile is very thoughtful, such a high-profile atmosphere kito ceramic tile is not very expensive, so a lot of families in ceramic tile on the choice of preferred kito ceramic tile.
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