How about the OEM service flow?
Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd is committed to providing quality products to customers through OEM services. Knowing your needs means that we can listen, reflect on opinions, and create new systems that will give you an edge over the competition. These products are delivered directly from our corporate OEM team, benefiting you by reducing manufacturing costs and shortening the lead time for product development.

Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd takes pride in playing a leading role in fitting kitchen worktops manufacturing. We are known for our credibility, a solid quality base, and competitive pricing. Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the business of marble tile and other product series. Overland stone tile is developed by our R&D members who are talents with excellent professional skills. They care about each detail of the product according to the market research. It is cut to produce a sharp, precise edge with a flat surface. With improvements in sensors, materials, and building management technology, designers are increasingly able to consider this product as design solutions. It can be used in indoor areas from living rooms to kitchens.

We believe that sustainable practices contribute to genuine business success. We strive to protect our environment by using responsibly sourced materials, operating as efficiently as we can, reducing energy use and the carbon emission from our operations and transportation.
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