How about wiener ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-21
When ceramic tile of choose and buy, we usually consider the brightness and abrasion resistance, now in the market of Jin Gangjing drill is in accordance with this standard. In addition to these, Jin Gangjing drill and other aspects the advantages and disadvantages, so small make up Jin Gangjing drill disadvantages are summarized here, to learn some decorate small skills! Jin Gangjing drill can avoid uneven when the shop is stuck and water ripple, so in the ceramic tile recently become home to be bestowed favor on newly. Many consumers want to use the shop is stuck to ask Jin Gangjing drill what are the disadvantages? Here small make up Jin Gangjing drilling are summarized, the advantages and disadvantages in the detailed understanding! A, Jin Gangjing drill is introduced in order to overcome the traditional glazed ceramic tile not wear-resisting technical problem, experts developed a ceramic tile with Jin Gangjing drilling hardness as well as the proportion of the amount of molecular glaze, make ceramic tile after the hard left, through second high temperature sintering formed a epoch-making revolutionary product Jin Gangjing drill, it is wear-resisting, scratch-resistant, have qualitative feeling. Can say Jin Gangjing drill is upgraded all glazed ceramic tile. Jin Gangjing drill two ceramic tile, 1 Jin Gangjing drill of the advantage of the advantages and disadvantages of the drill, super wear-resistant kong glaze Jin Gangjing super wear resistance or multiple glazing process thanks to its crystallization glaze, special crystallization glaze layer thicker than ordinary glaze layer is more wear-resisting, no longer afraid of scratching household, sand La wear away. After grinding, will always keep you at the beginning of it. 2, the industry's leading zero pollution Jin Gangjing drill the secondary burning super chip technology, make the bottom slab of ceramic tile more hard, physical performance is more stable, not easy to pollution, after many glazing process, reduce stains in ceramic tile. 3, zero water ripple Jin Gangjing drill is hard cast mold for polishing, completely put an end to the production of water ripple, products more flat, hard surface present a mirror effect, like diamonds glittering and moving, give a person a kind of the feeling of luxury. Jin Gangjing drilling ceramic tile 4, high brightness Jin Gangjing drill for tile is the demand is higher, and the adoption of industry technology and secondary burning super, such as high temperature secondary fire makes Jin Gangjing drill the brightness of the 92 - 96 degrees, basically can replace the effect of the crystallite. 5, good effect of imitation rock Jin Gangjing drill adopts secondary burning super chip technology and secondary glazing process, the glaze layer thicker hair color more even, the transition to a more natural, design and color is more beautiful, fully feeling stronger, imitation stone effect under the Jin Gangjing drill glaze, realistic height reduction stone effect. 6, high quality Jin Gangjing drill edge processing, smooth texture, surface effect and generous nature, flatness polishing tile press close to, completely solve the problem of water ripple, quality good Jin Gangjing drill can try more seamless shop is stuck. Three, Jin Gangjing drill the disadvantage of the advantages and disadvantages in Jin Gangjing drilling ceramic tile, Jin Gangjing drill glaze thickness is equal to 1 BoWei crystal products, ceramic tile and microcrystalline want to to be thinner than others. 2, Jin Gangjing drill this kind of products on the market penetration rate is still relatively low, the production of the manufacturers is less, the cost is higher also. Small make up remind: adopt Jin Gangjing drill can try seamless shop is stuck, here's a seamless without seam is not meaning, also need appropriate seam, to prevent the fracture temperature was too high. Above is the small make up for everybody finishing Jin Gangjing drill related content, the advantages and disadvantages in the hope to help you. If you want to know more Jin Gangjing drill related knowledge, please continue to TaoPinYu ceramic tile. 10 seconds to get quotation, take action!
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