How can I get to know black and white cement tile quality before placing an order?
Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd recommends two methods for you to know the quality of cement tile before placing an order. The first is to make a sample order. It serves as the most basic form of “evidence” of our production capability. Not manufactured according to the customer’s design or customized specifications, it can be obtained rather quickly. The second is to conduct a factory tour. You may already be familiar with the product range, but with the benefits of on-site visits to the factory and offices, you can see how our business works, how we manage processes and production operations, how quality management is implemented and how sustainable and responsible our manufacturing is.

Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd has been known as a reputable manufacturer who pays high attention to the quality of quartz kitchen worktops. Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the business of cement tile and other product series. This product retains its original appearance over time. The dust and other residues are not prone to build upon its surface. The product is ideal for both walls and floors. Featuring an attractive and simple design, it is loved by most modern people who are fond of minimalism. It adds a sense of high-end feeling to the kitchen or home. It can be easily cleaned and maintained in any space.

We fight for a sustainable future. We have been working to minimize the total resources used, and are continuing to increase resource collection through the introduction of new recycling technologies and systems to expand the usage of recycled resources.
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