How do metope mildewy renovation by yourself? Metope renovation need to pay attention to?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-19
The metope of the home how can fast to refurbishment of mould? Metope after a period of use, or the south after the invasion of plum rains season, metope mildewy even fall often happen, for this case? Poor degree of mold wall not only appearance but also a very large extent, the reaction of our life, so at this time we will be fully prepared in advance to metope refurbishment of again, so how can we quickly refurbishment of metope? 1, clean the home decorate metope how do metope mildewy refurbishment of ourselves? If metope mildewy, it is easy to often appear after the powder, the phenomenon of falling, often in the refurbishment of first from the wall to do basic principle, the powder serious parts cleaning and besmear again with cement. We will be on coating in addition to the principle of the metope of clear after also need to start polishing grinding processing in addition to, more conducive to the post-processing of every practical and coating. 2, besmear brushs metope primer moldy during the operation of the refurbishment of besmear to brush paint, paint can be reasonable and effective protection of metope anti-mildew waterproof moistureproof effect, also can do it very well the edge paint a reasonable and effective protection, enhance the texture and the actual result of spray paint, if in the refurbishment of mold is not in the operating process of metope besmear brushs paint directly above lacquer, it is easy to cause the metope after the show again foaming mould, so paint besmear brushs metope is very crucial. 3, to repair the walls there are some walls are a small part is damaged, but there are some walls are completely without damage, on the wall if launched a small part of the overhaul will be very easy to cause the color difference, choose when from already proposed to minimize the big area of repair, to prevent the overall on the color difference is too large and cause unnecessary aesthetic vision. Two, metope renovation note 1, pay attention to the ventilation in the process of metope renovation, need to choose metope paint raw materials such as metope, the raw materials in the process of selection will cause a variety of adverse effects often appear with our physical and mental health of harmful chemical composition, so be sure to keep good room whenever you keep indoor and ventilated feeling type, so the effective volatilize harmful chemical composition, only in the old house of indoor and ventilated effect is poor, suggest to put more electric fan in the room to strengthen indoor and ventilated effect. 2, wipe out the need to clean the clean process of mold wall will be moldy metope to clean up clean, don't think only clean long mildew place with respect to OK, because metope material suddenly appear moldy drops cause oxide raw materials, and has not moldy metope place also produced the corresponding oxidation, so when cleaning walls will be moldy whole metope is clear, in addition, in the process of cleaning up and find a good clean, as far as possible to ensure clean up after clean, otherwise it will response to the post-processing of decoration construction and the use fixed number of year of metope.
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