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How important the bathroom in the home is designed to separate dry and wet?

How important the bathroom in the home is designed to separate dry and wet?


With the continuous development of the times and the continuous improvement of the economic level, more and more people are buying houses, and home decoration is getting more and more attention. When it comes to the decoration of a new house, the bathroom is considered to be the most special area. It is not only practical and beautiful, but also clean and hygienic.

Since the bathroom is a place where water is often used, the air is very humid. In order to keep the gray tile bathroom clean and fresh, the bathroom must be separated from wet and dry during the decoration design.

The benefits of separating wet and dry in the bathroom are too much! too much! Too much! Overland Ceramics will take you to find out!

01.Improve safety

The traditional bathroom will be splashed with water when taking a bath. After the bath, the entire marble bathroom floor is covered with water, which makes the floor very slippery and easy to slip, which is very unsafe for the elderly and children in the family. Dry and wet separation can effectively avoid this situation. After taking a shower, you don't have to worry about the slippery floor outside the shower area, it is relatively safer.

02.Improve usability

Increase the usability of the bathroom. While taking a bath, other family members can use the dry area to wash and go to the toilet without disturbing each other. After the original narrow bathroom is separated from wet and dry, the usability of various functions of the marble bathroom floor tiles is improved.

03.Convenient and clean

The humid environment in the bathroom will make it easier for bacteria to breed and multiply, and the cleaning task will also increase. The separation of wet and dry blocks moisture and controls the shower water in the wet area, which can effectively keep the dry area dry, avoid the growth of moisture and bacteria, and make the entire space cleaner and easier to clean.

04.Improve the life of sanitary ware

Dry and wet separation can block moisture and avoid corrosion of the cabinet (wood). There are also electrical appliances and lamps in the bathroom. Many electrical appliances are afraid of humidity. If they are exposed to moisture for a long time, their service life will be greatly shortened. But the separation of dry and wet can effectively increase the service life of sanitary ware and electrical appliances.

05.Improve warmth retention

When taking a bath in winter, if the space is too large and the water vapor does not gather, it will feel very cold. Especially in winter in the south, there is no heating, and a separate shower room is separated by dry and wet, so that the heat in the bath can be concentrated a little, making the shower area warmer, which is also a way to keep warm.

The dry and wet separation of the bathroom is not only practical but also beautiful, it is the best solution for the wet bathroom. This design is very popular and sought after by young people. It can keep the bathroom extremely clean and realize a comfortable and pleasant life every day.

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