How many degrees of grey, that made him famous

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-21
Since 50 degrees grey hit, it was in black and white world more popular a kind of neuter color - — Gray, so today we see ash brick fame points together! Special grey than black and white color, grey is very special, neutral colors can be arbitrary collocation, think about it as if no special suitable words to describe, but it is the style of the master match properly. Can cheat gray very give prize the hexagonal tiles of the wind restoring ancient ways collocation of the classic black and white and grey, is a kind of thick small endowment emotional appeal, optional collocation can also change the character, clever and wooden floor shop is stuck, can give a person the feeling that find everything new and fresh. Gray joker quiet gray looks just give a person the feeling of calm atmosphere, simple fashion color looks very high, especially the mystery of light gray collocation looks more quiet. Contracted composed cement block some tooling is a large area of grey tile used commonly, especially some bars and cafes, composed of grey under the lively atmosphere in the whole is more calm, the selection of a few ceramic tile gray degree, according to the scene to choose can make whole space more harmonious. Archaize prevent slippery floor tile don't think that the ash brick can only play with plain cement block, occasionally change into imitation leather grain is good also, texture and line are simple atmospheric style, the effect of the shop is stuck out is also very beautiful and easy; Overland used materials is environmental protection material at the same time, the products have passed 3 c compulsory certification and the state environmental protection standards certification, qualitative hard enough; Really is the joker household style. Gray space transitional tie-in color decoration more can promote the peace of the whole space feeling, no matter is tonal changes in temperature is somewhat bring out the best in each other's feeling, let a space extremely penetrating power, there is a inherent charm. Hexagon grey tile classic hexagon brick with contracted grey and geometrical pattern, let the administrative levels move the brick is much a few minutes, the shop is stuck out don't seem particularly boring.
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