How much do you know about polishing brick?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-30
In recent years the home will be large area is used in decorating polishing brick products, especially the hardbound room. We know that decorate a project in terms of material selection and construction, the first element of cost is always customers consider. When decorate reach the owner of the expected effects, everybody impression of this kind of building materials product will sell at a discount greatly. Now we have to analyze a polishing brick this building materials products, hope that we have more objective cognition of polishing brick. One knows, what is that brick of polishing brick polish is a kind of belong to the brick, ceramic tile surface is bright and clean, high hardness, wear resistance, in addition to the toilet and kitchen, other space can be applied. With the improvement of ceramic tile production technology, polishing brick by penetration technology, can make all kinds of antique and imitation wood effect. Polishing brick process requirement than the ordinary ceramic tile is taller, abroad on seamless splicing technology, the accuracy requirement for ceramic tile specification is very high, quality is more high quality. In recent years, ceramic enterprises in technology innovation, to improve the performance of polishing brick, polishing brick breakthrough development. Second, polishing brick, seepage pattern of category 1 seepage pattern polishing brick is the most common category, manufacturer of polishing brick almost have in production this kind of ceramic tile. Its production process is simple, coated with a layer of ooze to spend on adobe glaze, after polishing and trimming chamfering twice, then do a layer on the surface of the ceramic tile anti-fouling processing is completed. Anti-fouling processing belongs to one of the most important working procedure, if processes is not good, ceramic tile late will appear a lot of similar place the ball seal, when oil dirt to infiltrate ceramic tile, would be difficult to clean. 2, powder brick powder brick tile and ceramic tile surface used for raw material is the same, on the tile surface and a layer of the fine powder ( It is said that can fine to the micron level) 。 This kind of ceramic tile product advantage is the surface fine grain, bibulous rate is low, the penetration ability; The disadvantage is that all grain is consistent, the overall effect of the shop is stuck is unitary. After two pressing for powder brick, bad quality of ceramic tile is prone to sandwich cracking phenomenon. More than 3, pipe cloth polishing brick is much cloth polishing brick belongs to a special on the production technology, use a lot of feed tube forming under the powder material. Product design and color is very natural texture, almost every piece of brick is a unique, this characteristic can match the natural marble. Due to process complex, at present only a few big manufacturer will be mass production. 4 and perfect polishing brick tower polishing brick surface and bottom all have the same color and texture, very beautiful. Brick face and body all use the same powder material, after press down, and then directly polishing processing. The body brick of the high cost of raw materials in order to save the manufacturing cost, now few manufacturer can produce this kind of perfect polishing brick.
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