How much the thickness of the tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-18
Ceramic tile polishing brick, imitation bai ancient brick, ceramics du three categories. Each category zhi, according to the different shape, size, thickness, a dao with polishing brick in 9 mm 800 * 800 - - About 12 mm, seiko jade in 15 - About 18 mm; Ceramics, 300 * 600 * 450 and 300 in 7 About 10 mm; Archaize tile and the thickness of the polishing brick. Extension materials: brick of pottery and porcelain is made from clay and other inorganic non-metallic materials, forming and sintering process of plate or block ceramics, used for decoration and protection of buildings and structures of metope and ground. Usually at room temperature by dry pressing molding, extrusion or other molding and drying, firing under a certain temperature. Before the shop sticks ceramic tile, must be carried out on the building surface pretreatment, remove dirt surface of buildings. Metope water wetting must also be at the same time, such as surface wetting, moisture in the slurry will be suck at the grassroots level and leading to empty drum, not firm. Need to try before the shop is stuck, so that the joints. Shop sticks ceramic tile should be selected in advance, brick surface shall be free from defects, colour and lustre is consistent, pattern matching. Before use must also be fully immersed brick of pottery and porcelain, let it absorb moisture, otherwise the tile of pottery and porcelain of soaking time is too short, the slurry water branch is brick suck, can also cause the empty drum.
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