How the difference when buying a brick tile knowledge and rumors

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-03
In today's rapid development of Internet, people are becoming more and more accustomed to before buying a product, can you search the Internet first, understand the relevant information and evaluation, let alone for similar this kind of ceramic tile, the family is decorated advocate material is both familiar and strange. But, on the network of information explosion, all kinds of information has, for most consumers itself does not understand ceramic tile, it is difficult to judge and identify the authenticity of information. Today, small make up to sort out the 4 kinds of rumors, the most common use for reference for everybody to buy ceramic tile. The first kind of rumor: about thickness on ceramic tile ceramic tile thickness of rumors and has long been a controversial, mainly is divided into two kinds. Ceramic tile is one of the rumors, the thicker the better; Another is that ceramic tile the thinner the better. Many businessmen also with thick brick, brick or thin as a marketing gimmick. However, the standard is different category itself to the thickness of the ceramic tile, and the adornment of the different application requirement for ceramic tile thickness also differ. Such as floor tile request stiffness and bending degree, high bearing capacity, the thickness of the ceramic tile also partial thick; Because want to go to the wall and wall brick, ceramic tile instead of thin has advantages. The second category of rumor: about soil resistance for the soil resistance of ceramic tile, popular on the Internet a lot according to the content of the ceramic tile category division. Such as body brick, inferior smooth brick, polishing brick is directly into the ceramic tile of antifouling sex difference category. Considering the soil resistance of ceramic tile, actually also depends on the specific process, increase the polishing brick has greatly improved the antifouling performance of coating. And surface glaze inferior smooth brick, although it dirty, but besmirch to stay on the surface, it is easy to wipe clean. The third kind of rumor: about tile color have off color, is usually considered a characteristic of inferior ceramic tile. The brightness of the photo, refers to the buy back the ceramic tile of design and color is different, appear obvious difference. But this does not represent the ceramic tile quality is bad, because different batches of ceramic tile appear off color is normal. Ceramic tile when so consumer is bought, should try to choose the same batch number and color. The fourth kind of rumor: about seamless brick especially the last two years, seamless shop is stuck on ceramic tile. And at that time, become the most attention topic, seamless brick as if also become the trend of the way to the shop is stuck. Seamless, however, the shop is stuck is primarily the marketing concept of merchants, in practice is not recommended. Because no cracks of pavement, more than 98% can lead to wriggle through the earth ceramic tile, delaminating, fall off, or cracking. Although rumors about ceramic tile, but rumors are always & other; Stop at the wise & throughout; Do, as long as in my heart, do not have to worry about was mesmerized by the rumors!
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