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How to buy first-line brands of modern antique tiles?

How to buy first-line brands of modern antique tiles?


The first-line brands of modern antique tiles are basically a very good choice for many people. If they want to buy these antique tiles, they will also consider these first-line brands so how to buy these first-line brands? There are so many first-line brands of modern tiles on the market. Everyone knows that each brand has its own characteristics. So in the selection process, which aspects should be effective choices?

Firstly, look at the control indicators

In the process of choosing the first-line brand of modern antique tiles, you must check their control indicators according to the actual situation, because these modern antique tiles are to achieve specialized industrialization to meet the personalized production needs of customers, and they can increase Some special dry grain effects, relatively speaking, such effects, their styles are very novel, and they are particularly rich. For the entire dry grain in the actual use process, it will also provide a variety of different indicators, such as The entire coefficient of friction must be hit to the fifth level. Or in the process of customer customization, there will be a variety of different values, and their production will also have different indicators.

Secondly, the whiteness index

In the actual production process of modern antique tile first-line brands, they also have very high requirements for the entire ordinary antique tile. Generally speaking, the whiteness index is controlled above 80, and the index content for the entire soil or aluminum Also very much.

Thirdly. The first-line brand of modern antique tiles inspects hair color ability

In the process of choosing these products, their hair color ability is very important, because they have to meet the diversified needs of customers, and they have to meet their imagination for color, so more hair will be designed here. Color ability, they all require a certain exquisite pattern. Relatively speaking, they have darker requirements for red or yellow, and lighter requirements for blue, and they have more requirements for the adaptability of the entire style. There are many, and the adjustment space for hair color should also be larger. At present, blue is relatively small. On some dark cement tiles, the blue can not be too bad, or even make the whole layout impossible to adjust.

Fourthly. Index of friction coefficient of modern antique tile first-line brand

In the actual selection process of the first-line brand of modern antique tiles, there will be strict requirements for the index of the entire friction coefficient. Generally speaking, they will use a variety of different friction coefficients for comprehensive testing, and this friction coefficient is general They are all controlled at the p3 level. Relatively speaking, the feel is also better.

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