How to buy Tiles?

How to buy Tiles?


The most important thing to choose antique brick is to consider the quality problem. There are many criteria to distinguish the quality of antique brick. The simplest way is "one knock, two measures, three scratches and four looks": it can be knocked, the sound is clear and crisp, indicating that the ceramic tile is porcelain, high density and good quality; it can measure the water absorption rate of ceramic tile, the lower the water absorption rate, representing the internal stability of ceramic tile. The higher it is, the more suitable it is for the space with higher moisture content (such as bathroom, kitchen), and it will not produce black spots and other problems. The simplest detection method is to pour a cup of water on the back of the ceramic tile, the water stain diffuses rapidly, indicating that the water absorption rate is high, and vice versa is low; check the surface quality of the ceramic tile, you can scrape the glaze of the ceramic tile with hard objects, if leaving traces, indicating poor quality; but also to see that the color of the ceramic tile is not clear, with the naked eye to see that there are. Without pinholes, the pinholes are easy to accumulate dirt, and finally observe the smoothness of ceramic tiles, flat side, easy to lay up, the effect is good.

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