How to care after decorating ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-17
Decoration after the cleaning and maintenance of ceramic tile, ceramic tile, when decorating, if you don't pay attention to protect surface water dirt, scratches, and so on a variety of stubborn stains, is very difficult to clean, regular detergents for these stubborn stain simply doesn't work. If clean undeserved, can have serious consequences: some people to clean with hydrochloric acid, oxalic acid, the result is not only the effect is not obvious, and brick face serious corrosion; Some people with shovels and other tools, as a result, brick surface left difficult to repair the scratches, finally had to replace ceramic tile, waste a lot of money and time, make a lot of friends. ( After decorating ceramic tile) For a newly paved bricks are reasonable to make the preventive maintenance (maintenance, self-check, A) paved, don't suffer from stress, people, and in three days by vibration; ( 2) Three days later to check for an empty drum, the shop is stuck, slit width 1 to the disadvantage of not, don't agree with the request should be rework; ( 3) 24:27 and hours for the shop is stuck good brick, should sprinkler maintenance, the maintenance time is not less than seven days, the shop is stuck good ground paper, board, carpet cover ceramic tile should be taken to maintain the ground. After decorating ceramic tile have besmirch above, if you have any gray surface, can use soap or detergent to wash, effect is very good. If the residual water is dirt, this kind of putty powder, you can use some professional cleaning detergent to clean up, don't to wash with hydrochloric acid, oxalic acid products, ceramic tile is easily damaged. Actually these stubborn stains decorate is not terrible, polishing brick and archaize brick, as long as you use the cleaner and the correct method, completely can be easily removed. 1, ordinary dust on the surface of the ceramic tile can choose detergent, soap, laundry detergent to clean. 2, polishing tile factory wax layer, can use the special cleaning fluid removal. 3, the remaining water dirt on the surface of the ceramic tile, and gap filling agent, lime, putty powder, such as dirt, can use the special cleaning fluid removal. 4, paint, coating and other pollutants using chemical solvent dissolved cleared, such as water, such as that day, also can use paint remover, such as sanhe. 5, black metal scratch, electric welding, can use the special cleaning fluid removal. 6, rubber hammer, imprint of protection material, shoe printing, watermarks, glue stick stains, grease, big head pen printing, and so on can be removed with special cleaning fluid. 7, all kinds of adhesive can use banana water remove, pure banana oil is colorless transparent liquid, volatile has a strong smell bananas, slightly soluble in water, soluble in a variety of organic solvents, flammable, mainly used as a solvent and paint thinner. 8, scale, lime scale, cracks and archaize brick sunken place of besmirch, can use some special cleaning fluid removal. 9, tea stains, cigarette smoked stains, drink stains can use special cleaning fluid to remove stain, and so on. 10, can form a layer of dirt floor tile time is long, the surface looks corners, this is a more stubborn stains, can use the special cleaning fluid removal. 11, pores on the surface of the polishing brick exposure in the outside, after a long time is easy to absorb dirt, polishing brick is difficult to clean, loses luster, become old, should be conducted on a regular basis the waxing process, time interval is 2 - It is advisable to 3 months. Final small make up remind, when using some high strength cleaner must be all sorts of protection, goggles gloves must wear good, pay attention to before and after the clean environment of ventilated breathe freely. ( After decorating ceramic tile)
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