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How to choose interior wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom

How to choose interior wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom


How to choose the interior wall tiles, choosing the right one will make you more effective.

Today we will talk about the application of wall tiles from both home improvement and tooling. The places where wall tiles are used are generally bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, cloakrooms, storage rooms, etc. There is no strict sense of color in terms of colors. Appropriate, just find the color and texture you like.

There are thousands of colors of wall tiles, and the currently commonly used matching methods are generally divided into single version, that is, a color from top to bottom. There is also a waistline in the middle of the upper and lower wall panels, and the commonly used panels, namely the panel used on the upper wall, the lower wall, the panel replaces the waistline, and the more popular continuous pattern slab. The most popular specifications so far are these specifications. In terms of materials, ceramics are better. Now there are all-ceramic thin wall tiles produced by ceramic tile manufacturers. The time effect is not good. Wall tiles are used for decoration and moisture resistance. All-ceramic wall tiles are prone to hollowing and falling bricks after they are attached to the wall due to their very low water absorption. The brightness is not as high as that of ceramic.

The small floor tiles for kitchen and bathroom generally choose the matte small floor tiles that match the wall tiles, or you can choose the small gold floor tiles, amber glazed floor tiles, etc., according to your preference, you can use the contour engineering wall tiles generally in light white and yellow There are more white clouds, white clouds, pure white, water cubes, etc., yellow is mainly used for travertine, marble, yellow clouds, water patterns, lightning stones, sandstones and other patterns. Engineering wall tiles are generally It can be customized according to samples, which greatly facilitates the choice of engineering companies. Wall tiles for engineering generally choose a single version, and it is easier to pave and paste in batches. The choice of small bathroom floor tiles used in the project can also use matching small floor tiles, or all-ceramic small floor tiles, and the cheaper ones have thin-version clay floor tiles. Generally, it is not clear now that all impervious interior wall tiles are used, and the interior wall tiles need to be cheaper to choose permeable wall tiles.

How do engineering customers choose ceramic tile manufacturersBecause bulk purchases are directly shipped from manufacturers, which can save the cost of middlemen, more and more engineering customers are beginning to ship directly from manufacturers, so how to choose ceramic tile manufacturers and how to avoid unknown risks? Come to analyze, analyze.

The more convenient way is to go directly to the ceramic tile manufacturer to inspect. Generally, there are many exhibition halls in the ceramic production area, and the exhibition halls are all ceramic tile manufacturers. Except for the majority), and in the exhibition hall around the ceramic tile manufacturer or the exhibition hall by the road, it is usually the dealer or the OEM. There are certain risks in choosing the dealer and the OEM. Try to choose the manufacturer’s internal factory Sales can be guaranteed in terms of price and quality. Try to visit the production line as much as possible. The business of our factory can usually go directly into the production workshop. Non-factory business may need to be carried by others to enter. At this time, please pay attention to it. You can also directly ask the doorman if this sales is an employee of our factory.

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