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How to choose kitchen tiles

How to choose kitchen tiles


The kitchen is a special area with heavy oil fume and high water vapor. Not only the ground will be dirty, but the walls are also easy to get dirty. We are very important when choosing kitchen tiles. A poor choice will affect the service life of the tiles, so the following Introduce how to choose kitchen tiles?


Choice of kitchen tiles

1. Dark colors should not be chosen for kitchen tiles

The color of porcelain kitchen tiles should be light and cool colors, because the kitchen is more exposed to fire, once cooking, the kitchen will be sultry and hot, light and cool colors can adjust people’s hot heart! Light colors can choose white and light green , Light gray and other cool colors. Such colors will give people a clean, tidy, simple and pleasant feeling. Light colors can change not only our mood but also the visual effect of the entire kitchen. If it is a small kitchen, light colors can make people feel that the space is expanding, avoiding dark colors that make people feel dull and depressing in a small space.

2. The kitchen should not be mixed with wall and floor tiles

Generally, wall tiles and floor tiles are made of different materials. Wall tiles are ceramic products, while floor tiles are porcelain products, and their physical properties are different. The water absorption rate of ceramic tiles is about 10%, which is many times higher than that of porcelain tiles with only 0.5%. Floor tiles have low water absorption and are suitable for laying on the ground. The wall tiles are made of glazed pottery, with high moisture content, and the backside is rough, which is good for the adhesive to stick it on the wall. Floor tiles should not be firmly attached to the wall. Wall tiles on the ground will absorb too much water and make it difficult to clean. The kitchen is a place with high moisture, so it is not suitable to mix wall and floor tiles in the kitchen. The floor tiles are best to use matt non-slip glazed tiles to prevent the kitchen from making the floor slippery.

3. Lighting determines the category of tiles

The choice of polished tiles and matt tiles will also affect the lighting of the kitchen. If the kitchen has low lighting, polished tiles can be selected. The surface is relatively smooth and hard and wear-resistant, suitable for use in indoor spaces such as kitchens. On the basis of the use of bleeding technology, polished tiles can also produce various imitated stone and wood effects. If the kitchen is larger and the lighting is good, you can choose matt tiles. It can avoid light pollution, is more convenient to maintain, is better for people's eyes under strong light, and will not dazzle the eyes, and the visual effect of the matt brick is also very good.

4. Avoid the use of waistline for tiles

Small kitchens should avoid the use of tile waistline. Using waistline in a small space will make the space appear messy, cumbersome and increase unnecessary expenses. However, you can properly spread a few flower pieces for decoration to add a pleasant and lively atmosphere to the kitchen. On the contrary, if the kitchen area is large enough, the selection range of the tile waistline will be even larger!

5. Kitchen tiles should be easy to clean

The kitchen is the place with the most greasy dirt and needs to be cleaned frequently, so choose easy-to-clean tiles for kitchen tiles. There are glazed tiles, full body tiles, vitrified tiles, polished tiles, mosaics and other types of tiles. Although mosaic tiles can add a sense of fashion, it is recommended not to use mosaics in the kitchen due to cleaning considerations. Each mosaic is small and easy to hide. Dirty is not easy to clean.

How to choose kitchen tiles is introduced here. If you want to learn more about ceramic tiles, you can pay attention to Overland Ceramics.

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