How to choose the ceramic tile?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-04
How to choose the ceramic tile? When a lot of friends in the face of the selected ceramic tile is not clear what is the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile. So I know about the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile, to choose the good ceramic tile is there will be a big help! Choose the ceramic tile method 1 first determine which parts to use ceramic tile to his home, draw a detailed drawings and indicate the size, and calculate the area separately for each shop different tile area. Mainly includes the ground area, wall area, since the corner edge area and so on, accomplish know fairly well. So when examining the market can target a reference between the example of ceramic tile, and the like of the design color by size models accordingly, can use. 2 according to your own family structure and preferences determine your need to use the style of ceramic tile, and a rough investigation to determine the corresponding to the market positioning. Because what the brick to consider in the be fond of, but also to further determine the glazed tile or inferior smooth brick, prevent slippery degree how, how color style positioning, etc. 3 snapshots in the market when figuring out the size of common wall, floor tile is at present the size of ceramic tile is more, such as common: 300 * 300, 300 * 450, 600 * 300 * 600, 600, etc. , but as far as possible to choose the size of some common and universal, so will not be with the size of a brand or businessman limitation, can freely choose and design. Their combination according to the blueprints of brick paving area the size of common wall, floor tile is calculating the shop is suitable for the size of brick, and determined the ceramic tile specifications; 4 is door knowledge, spread much specifications of brick, is also a lot of, choose the right look and province brick. Personally think that should use 'suitable' to describe, in general, choose big specification of ceramic tile brick paving area, area small choose small size ceramic tile. Such as toilet, kitchen and balcony is my home is small, then I can choose small specifications of brick, otherwise can't spread a few big tile were carpeted with, that is ugly, but also more clean area is small. 5 calculated according to the specifications is the area of each kind of specification, if possible, can draw a picture brick paving, can draw a design and can accurately calculate the number of bricks;
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