How to choose when to choose ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-11
As the saying goes, & other; Cheap goods is not good, the good product not cheap & throughout; But for decoration, if have to pick your must be good quality point of view, building materials market is like chopping block incoming people kill fish. Because ceramic tile types, design and size is various, so, when decorating, many people do more than half of the time is spent on choosing ceramic tile. ( How to choose ceramic tile to choose) In fact, as long as serious to do this eight word can pick the right tile & other Distinguish between species adjust measures to local conditions & throughout; 。 Ceramic tile family a total of four series: glazed pottery, clay or kaolin pour glaze firing into the brick; Body brick: this kind of tile not glaze, firing after for surface grinding, with both inside and outside decorative pattern; Bo changes a brick: after the high temperature burn becomes the porcelain brick, high hardness; Polishing brick, polishing brick is handled and become, thin light and hard. Distinguish between category after ceramic tile, can choose according to specific use environment. Carefully choose optimal & other; Recruitment & throughout; Wear-resisting degree: is divided into five degrees, from low to high, five degrees belong to super durable, generally not used for home decoration, decoration brick in one to four degrees of choice. Bibulous rate: determine the use of ceramic tile, the ceramic tile with bibulous rate high density low, brick holes were, unfavorable use where frequent activities, in order to avoid water absorption after fouling is not easy to clean; Bibulous the ceramic tile with low rate, high density, high moisture resistance ability. Hardness: directly affects the service life of ceramic tile, is particularly important, can use the method of percussion sound, sound is ringing that inner quality is good, is out of shape not easily broken. Color difference size: according to intuitive judgment, broadly in line with a check on a batch of the color of ceramic tile, can better split together, color difference is small, neat size is top grade. , of course, the technical performance of identify not just by feeling, also must see the manufacturer's certificate, technical standards of the products have the certificate issued by the state. Above is the small make up about how to choose, choose ceramic tile ceramic tile strategy is introduced. Hope this article introduces, can help you better understand how to choose ceramic tile, can decorate in the household, the cost-effective and admire in the heart of choose and buy ceramic tile. ( How to choose ceramic tile to choose)
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