How to clean after decorating ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-17
Ceramic tile is dirty, if will affect beautiful, clear in time the besmirch above, can make household space more comfortable. But the ceramic tile of different kinds of dealing with the stain method is also different, may know a lot of friends do not yes. Today we introduce how to clean after decorating ceramic tile? 1. Glazed pottery of the pollution cleanup methods: for the glazed tile, ceramic tile glaze layer is the density of matter, coloured liquid or dirt won't permeate into the tile, this kind of tile pollutant use dishcloth touchs water or add some detergent wipe the tile surface can remove the dirt, if is AoTuGan strong ceramic tile, concave-convex aperture squeezed inside a lot of dust, use a brush, then rinse immediately with water to remove surface dirt brick. 2. Bo changes a brick dirt cleaning method: for bo changes a tile, family common pollutants, can use the following corresponding detergent to clean up: 1, the pollution types: daily cleaning cleaning methods: you can use the mop, and then use the detergent, soap water to clean. 2, the types of pollution: tea, ice cream, grease, cleaning methods: beer can use soda ash cleaning solution. How to clean after decorating ceramic tile is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile maintenance knowledge can focus on the brunei.
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