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How to decorate Foshan ceramics?

How to decorate Foshan ceramics?


Classification of Foshan Ceramics

Ceramics tiles is definitely a very common thing in our real life. In fact, many people think that Foshan ceramics should be regarded as a veritable handicraft in the modern society. So what are some of these products? classification? This is what many people want to understand.

Foshan Ceramics Category 1: White Ceramics

On the surface, such a kind of ceramics are white on the surface. They are basically kneaded by hand. The iron content is lower than that of the whole clay. Relatively speaking, they are in an environment of 1000 ℃. They are fired down, and their hardness or refractoriness has been greatly improved compared to the previous clays. The texture is very hard and looks particularly beautiful.

Foshan Ceramics Category 2: Painted Pottery

Such a ceramic, in the actual processing process, basically uses hematite powder or manganese oxide as the main raw material. They will have similar brush tools, and even in the entire processing process, they can be used on the surface. Painted into a variety of different patterns, after being burned, some patterns on the background show a variety of different colors, and their crafts are also different, which will form more Neolithic culture, even, Their imitation has reached a level of perfection.

The characteristics of Foshan ceramics in production

Foshan ceramics is basically in the production process, from the initial production of materials to the final material processing. Of course, these Foshan ceramics will have a variety of different production methods and methods, so there will be some in the production process of Foshan ceramics. What are the characteristics?

1) In the production process of Foshan ceramics, there will be a comprehensive and streamlined production, and their continuity is relatively low. The raw materials of the entire ceramics are from the factory to the final production. In the process of sequential processing, It will be processed continuously and comprehensively, and finally processed into semi-finished products. The production process of the whole process is still very complicated, and the degree of continuity of the procedures between each process is relatively low.

2) Foshan ceramics will have a different processing cycle in the process of processing, and when they are producing, all auxiliary materials all have gypsum models. In the process of production, a large amount of different materials may be consumed. energy.

3) During the actual transportation of Foshan ceramics, it will become an important link that the entire enterprise pays the most attention to. In the ceramic production process, the types of raw materials used and the semi-finished or finished products produced from a relative perspective will have more With more materials, the transportation volume is relatively large, and even their characteristics can be better highlighted.

Nowadays, more and more friends will think of Foshan grey ceramic tile more or less in the process of decorating. So how is such a kind of ceramics decorated? In fact, they still use various techniques.

First, carved flowers

This kind of decoration method of Foshan ceramics can be regarded as relatively traditional. On the basis of the original ceramics, he uses some iron or various tools to carve some different patterns. , These patterns themselves also have transparent characteristics, and they have been continuously fired. Such a decorative method itself also has some characteristics of its own. It was originally commonly used on blue and white porcelain, but now it is used on these ceramics. , It’s just that the texture style of ceramics in different periods is basically different.

Second, mold printing technology

This technique is developed on the basis of some original carved flowers. It can be regarded as the most common technique in ancient ceramics. Generally speaking, a mold can be used many times, which can avoid Some processes are complicated, but they can better improve productivity in the process of direct processing, and such a technology can be widely used in some different ceramic processing fields, showing a good firing the work.

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