How to decorate toilet can effectively prevent slippery, the four kinds of ceramic tile is worth considering

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-28
Each of the different function space in the home, for the practical and decorative requirements of ceramic tile is different, such as kitchen and bathroom floor tile should pay attention to prevent slippery, and the floor tile to atmospheric wear resistance of the sitting room. At the same time, the kinds of ceramic tile and very much, all kinds of a variety of products, it's easy to let lay out is not clear. Case-by-case basis, today we are going to look at the ceramic tile of toilet how should match, how to choose? In choosing the ceramic tile of toilet, more is to consider the ground tile. Because of some domestic toilet metope is not going to stick ceramic tile, and relative to the ground tile, ceramic tile, the metope of toilet in practical performance requirements are not so much. The floor tile of toilet if inappropriate choice, may be life a lot of inconvenience, may also be because not enough anti-slip lead to wash gargle accidentally wrestling. The floor tile of common types including body brick, polishing brick, bo changes a brick, and glazed ceramic tile. So, what kind of ceramic tile for used for the floor tile of toilet? The hardest ceramic tile is not only the body brick, its skid resistance is very good also, toilet ground shop body brick family. Nevertheless, leaving aside the brick design and color design is single, the problem of low gloss, its antifouling performance are also questionable. Because the brick surface polishing glazing, rough, dirt easily, and not so convenient to clean. Polishing brick and bo changes a brick, is on the basis of the brick is optimized upgrade, make the surface more smooth and bright. Different is, polishing brick is achieved by fine polishing, and bo changes a brick is not direct fire generated after polishing. Usually, bo changes a brick than polishing brick more smooth, the glossiness is higher, so the skid resistance is relatively not so good. However, there exists a polishing surface after polishing brick blowholes, easy dirty, difficult to clean. So, polishing brick and bo changes a brick each have advantages and disadvantages, the owners when the choice to undertake choosing according to the actual situation. Glazed ceramic brick and floor tile is considered one of the options, it has the advantage of smooth surface, high gloss, adornment effect is good, looks bright and clean, not easy to shelter evil people and practices, and health care in the life more convenient. However, glazed ceramic tiles skid resistance no body brick, polishing brick is good, when used in toilet ground need to carefully. In a word, for the owner that decorates home ready to prepare ahead of time, before go to building materials market to buy ceramic tile, read the ceramic tile of collocation and choice related knowledge is very necessary. Through the above introduction to ceramic tile of toilet, want to be able to help you.
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