How to distinguish between tile and ceramic tile, how to identify the quality of ceramic tile?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-20
The difference between the tile and ceramic tile 1, from process perspective: tile is fired by using clay, and the bibulous rate is high, bibulous rate is above the glaze, the magnetic intensity is low. And was fired with porcelain clay to make ceramic tile, in pursuit of adornment effect also on the glaze, the ceramic tile is compact construction, high strength, bibulous rate is low, the fouling resistance is strong. 2, tell from the price, the tile is higher than ceramic tile price, still in the habit of the public use is given priority to with ceramic tile, both in the industry and matched, the future development of the key is whether our entrepreneurs will look like at the beginning of the reform and opening up, words and deeds are eager to go the way of Hong Kong and Taiwan. How to identify the quality of ceramic tile 1, see hardness ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of high hardness, not easy to damage, use fixed number of year long. In the process of choosing ceramic tile, ceramic tile whether listen to the voice knock is ringing, the sound is crisp, according to the quality of a material is high density of ceramic tile, hardness is better. 2, ceramic tile size measurement, a piece of the standard size of ceramic tile has clear rules, if the result after we measure tile and indicate the numerical diverge from goods, is that such products are inferior products. Examines the size, size error is greater than zero. 5 mm, flatness is greater than zero. 1 mm products, not only increases the difficulty of construction, at the same time, after decorating the effect will be discounted. 3, check ceramic tile is bibulous rate, wall and floor tiles with high quality, bibulous rate is low. When the choose and buy, if the floor tile of wall of did not indicate the bibulous rate, ceramic tile can be on the opposite face on the ground and sprinkle some water on the back of the tiles, identify the degree of minutes after observing the droplets spread ceramic tile quality: if the droplets spread rapidly, then water absorption, ceramic tile quality is poorer. 4, listen to, by hitting ceramic tile, by listening to the sound to identify the quality of ceramic tile, wall tile or small size ceramic tile is usually with one hand five fingers apart, lift ceramic tile, another hand on ceramic tile face, if the sound of a metallic simple sense, the quality of ceramic tile is better. Big floor tile lift one side of the ceramic tile in one hand, the upper hand in the other hand on the middle of the ceramic tile, if a gravelly voice echoing long as percussion sound of bronze, the high degree of vitrified tile, strong wear resistance, high flexural strength, bibulous rate is low, not easy contaminated, if the voice is cloudy, no response and low degree of vitrified ( Even there is crack) Inadequate, the body of ceramic tile calcination, poor abrasion resistance and low flexural strength, bibulous rate is also high, such a highly vulnerable to pollution. That is the difference between the tile and ceramic tile, the introduction of how to identify the quality of ceramic tile, hope that we can through the above method.
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