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How to distinguish knowledge and rumors of ceramic tile

How to distinguish knowledge and rumors of ceramic tile


Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, people are more and more accustomed to searching online before buying a product to learn relevant information and evaluations, not to mention the familiar and unfamiliar home decoration masters like ceramic tiles manufacturer. Material. However, there are all kinds of information on the information explosion network. For most consumers who do not understand ceramic tiles, it is difficult to judge and distinguish the authenticity of the information. Today, we compiled the four most common rumors for everyone to learn from when buying tiles.

The first type of rumors: about the thickness of ceramic tiles

Rumors and controversies about the thickness of ceramic tiles have a long history, and they are mainly divided into two types. One of the rumors is that the thicker the tiles, the better; the other is that the thinner the tiles, the better. Many businesses also use thick tiles or thin tiles as marketing gimmicks. However, different ceramic tile categories have different thickness standards, and different decorative applications have different requirements for the thickness of ceramic tiles. For example, floor tiles require higher rigidity, flexural resistance, and higher load-bearing capacity, and the thickness of ceramic tiles will be a little thicker. Ceramic wall tiles have advantages because they need to be installed on the wall.

The second type of rumors: about the color difference of tiles

There is a color difference, which is generally considered to be a characteristic of poor quality tiles. The so-called chromatic aberration refers to the different colors of the purchased tiles, which are obviously different. But this does not mean that the quality of ceramic tiles is not good, because the color difference of different batches of ceramic tiles is normal. Therefore, when consumers buy ceramic tiles, they should try to choose the same batch and color number.

The third type of rumors: about anti-fouling

As for the anti-fouling properties of ceramic tiles, there are many contents on the Internet that are classified according to the type of ceramic tiles. For example, full body tiles, matt tiles, and polished tiles are directly classified as ceramic tiles with poor stain resistance. In fact, when considering the anti-fouling properties of ceramic tiles, it also depends on the specific process treatment. The polished tiles with the added anti-fouling layer greatly improves the anti-fouling performance. Although the matt tiles with glaze is easy to be dirty, the stain only stays on the surface and is easy to wipe off.

The fourth type of rumors: about seamless paving

Especially in the first two years, the seamless tiling of ceramic tiles has been in full swing. For a time, seamless paving has become the topic that everyone is most concerned about, and it seems to have become the most fashionable way of paving. However, seamless paving is mainly a marketing concept for merchants, which is not desirable in actual operations. Because there are no gaps, more than 98% will cause the tiles to arch, delaminate, fall off or crack.

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