How to get to the formaldehyde after decorating? Five ways to make a new no longer smell!

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-18
A lot of people for new emits gas and decorate the room, in addition to vapour that open a window, as if there is no better way. In fact, there are still a lot of methods can achieve rapid remove odor of decorate. So, exactly how to get to the formaldehyde after decorating? How to get to the formaldehyde after decorating: 1, with a container, such as basin that wash a face or a small bucket full of cold water, and adding suitable amount of vinegar in a ventilated room or scallions, furniture and open the door. This can be a suitable amount of evaporation of moisture protection wall coating surface, can absorb again eliminate residual odor. 2, to quickly remove residues smell of paint, available citric acid wet cotton ball, then hang in the interior and wood furniture, but it is too trouble. A lot of people use of tropical fruit odor removal, not only effect is good, and the cost is low, and method is easy and simple. Such as: jackfruit or grapefruit skin, these are all can well remove the newly renovated house chemical odor, the effect is remarkable. 3, planting green plants. Studies have shown that mother-in-law and bracketplant can absorb more than 80% of the country's interior is bad gas. Aloe vera is the ace of formaldehyde, can absorb 90% of formaldehyde contained in one cubic meter of air. Of course, very good to feed money plant. After house decorate good move into new homes, with advocate lie, second lie, living room, kitchen, etc. These plants survival rate is high, water can remember timing. 4, house decoration is completed, you can buy some activated carbon, activated carbon has good adsorption, can absorb new homes in excessive amounts of formaldehyde gas. Put the prepared activated carbon, closet, balcony, TV ark is visible. Ten days after half a month will obviously feel a new smell not so heavy. 5, a window ventilated. This is a traditional method of odor removal, but the taste is put in open doors and Windows, pay attention to the time and method, otherwise will cause cracking metope, affect the decoration effect. Open a window, as far as possible when put taste don't open all the doors and Windows, air convection is too big, to decorating metope is not good. Above is of small new house decorate how to formaldehyde method of introduction, after watching the above content, everybody should know how to do, especially for the first time to decorate the beginners to master these in addition to formaldehyde method is very necessary, this not only for ourselves, but also for the sake of your family's health.
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