How to judge the tile?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-13
Ceramic tile is the higher the accuracy of the length, the effect after the shop is stuck, the better. High quality ceramic tile not only easy to construction, and can save hours and accessories. Use tape to measure the length, thickness of ceramic tile have differences. Want to measure two diagonals tile, to see if the diagonal are equal. Water, water droplets in ceramic tile the reverse side scatter after wet the ceramic tile of slow density is big, as a top grade; When necessary in ink droplets in the brick surface, wipe with wet cloth after observing whether leave traces, and the ink mark depth to determine the antifouling performance. Now conducted a series of innovations on wearability ceramic tile, polished tile, microcrystalline brick, glazed ceramic, archaize brick, etc. , all have a qualitative leap, we just have picked up in the hands of a sword or a key, the ceramic tile surface, to see whether can scrape off the glaze layer on the surface of the ceramic tile, if even this small score also cannot bear, quality cans be imagined. With oily pen to write text on ceramic tile surface, and then wait a moment, then use clean cloth to wipe, found that just lightly a few times, can make the handwriting is clean, the ceramic tile is very convenient for cleaning and care in the future, easy maintenance. All glazed ceramic, microcrystalline, polishing brick, brick on the stone steps above 30 degrees slope Angle, two or three adults at the same time standing on the brick, tile surface without any bending deformation or cracks, brick hardness is good enough.
However, with the increased prevalence of tile company, it has become far more affordable.
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