How to judge whether a ceramic tile quality stand or fall?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-13
Every day is for over ten hours to step on the ground not protected well how line? Long working time is test the quality of the floor tile, about how to choose high quality floor tile has ensured the usability of the ground and beautiful? Let small make up to tell you. The appearance of floor tile color, uniform design and color to complete, the surface is bright and clean level off, without particles bump, floor tile edge rules. Can be drawn from a case of floor tile pieces of observation have off color, defects such as deformation, breakage. Listen to the voice of floor tile quality can identify by listening. Tapping the floor tile, with good thing voice ringing the vitrified level higher and higher, the better the quality; Turbidity quality sound, the more the worse. Water bead drop a few drops of water in the floor tile on the back of the bead, see water to scatter the speed being absorbed. Water slowly show floor tile density closely, quality; Suction fast show floor tile density is sparse, poor quality. Amount of side length of floor tile side length accuracy is higher, the better the shop is stuck. Every piece of tile with a tape measure length, size, thickness difference between, high precision is of quality, easy construction, can save time and materials. Was made in the hardness of the floor tile of hardness, the better, the using time is longer. Good hardness, toughness is perfect, not easily broken. Touch each other with two pieces of broken floor tile edges and corners, the fragments are split in leaving scratches or powder can be judged floor tile hardness, leave scratches high hardness, low hardness of scattered powder.
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