How to see ceramic tile ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-11
When it comes to the selection of ceramic tile when everyone will find, is not only the types or brands of ceramic tile, there are a lot of style, when choosing so everyone will have certain difficulty, especially for decoration is not very understanding, when the choice will be very entanglements. That how to get to see the quality of ceramic tile? Today small make up take you to understand. ( How to see ceramic tile) How see ceramic tile quality 1, to see whether the body color of ceramic tile is pure. It is very simple, mainly observe whether the back of the tile color is uniform and consistent. Good quality ceramic tile, unity, symmetry body color. 2, to observe whether ceramic tile cross-sections of grain is exquisite. Consumers should pay attention to, the transverse section not mentioned here refers to the cutting edge around the ceramic tile, but a split tile fragment. 3, pay attention to the thickness of the glaze layer. Ceramic tile glaze is what we call the whole surface of ceramic tile, the thickness of glaze and glaze layer thickness is a transverse. Glaze is a relatively expensive materials, ceramic tile cost glaze layer is thick, the natural quality, the better. 4, to listen to. Tapping ceramic tile, pay attention to listen to the sound is ringing. Such as voice clear, sweet after taste, such as, deep voice for defective goods. 5, to test the waters. Consumers can pour some water on the back of the tile, watch how ceramic tile is bibulous. After a moment, and then see if positive water marks left by the obvious. 6, take two pieces of tile back to back and face to face to see if can close contact with and without crack phenomenon can determine whether there is a warp. 7, to find the ink spread on face scrub in an hour to see if there is a trace, no trace is good brick, seeping into the resolute don't choose. 8, with two bricks quantity and geometry size of tile width and diagonal deviation didn't look at the size of the tile deviation is superior. 9, can provide reference to merchants of the inspection report issued by national or industry testing authority, contrast the following indicators: water absorption, abrasion resistance, acid resistance and pollution indicators to identify contrast. The content of the above is for ceramic tile quality detail, everyone again after understanding the buying ceramic tile, can avoid a lot of detours, but also can buy the floor tile that conform to the mind. ( How to see ceramic tile)
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