How to use ceramic tile glue sticks ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-15
To understand how to use ceramic tile glue sticks ceramic tile, small make up take you first to know about the type of ceramic tile adhesive. According to ceramic tile ceramic tile adhesive glue quality and composition of ceramic tile adhesive products are divided into different ceramic tile adhesive. - And what kind of ceramic tile adhesive are there? 1. According to the quality of ceramic tile adhesive can be divided into ordinary ceramic tile adhesive 1, no. 2 enhanced ceramic tile adhesive, 3 heavy tile type ceramic tile adhesive: 1) Ordinary ceramic tile adhesive focus on general, applicable to paste the ordinary mortar surface or small brick wall. 2) 2 enhanced ceramic tile adhesive has the strong cohesive force, is used to bond required larger metope ceramic tile, the mortar surface such as wooden plank surface or old paste veneer, etc. 3) Type 3 heavy tile tile adhesive glue adhesive power is big, rich flexibility, so it's cohesive force is very strong, can resist bonding layer because of heat bilges cold shrink stress, can be used for gypsum board, fiberboard, plywood and other larger area of sheet paste. 2. According to ceramic tile adhesive composition can be divided into: acid type, alcohol and acetic acid off three types: 1) Acid type ceramic tile adhesive acid type ceramic tile adhesive can produce acetic acid curing, and respond to the surface of the cement and basic materials such as stone, and the coefficient of expansion of base material is very big, may produce displacement or vibration may, if it is neutral and acid adhesive, is likely to lead to neutral yellow glue and glue is too thin, so. Acid type ceramic tile adhesive res on cement and stone. 2) Take off alcohol type ceramic tile adhesive off alcohol type ceramic tile adhesive curing shrinkage rate, the smaller the possibility of flooding stripping is low, most of the base material is not corrosive: for fluorine carbon material, plastic, and marble adhesion is poor. If operation at high temperature, the reaction is fast, small molecules will not be able to work in time, form bubbles, which affect the quality of construction. 3) Acetic acid type ceramic tile adhesive curing speed, good transparency, curing on the way to release the acetic acid, have very strong taste, for metal, coated glass, and some inorganic materials such as corrosive 2, how to use the glue sticks ceramic tile ceramic tile? After knowing the various types of ceramic tile adhesive, then take a look at how to use ceramic tile, ceramic tile adhesive has the following steps: 1) Ceramic tile will clean up the surface of the ceramic tile to immerse water for 2 hours, to make the ceramic tile to fully absorb moisture, prevent the absorption of moisture in the material after the shop is stuck, affect the adhesive reinforcement of materials, leading to empty drum, fall off; 2) Deployment of ceramic tile ceramic tile adhesive glue mixing into clean water into a paste ( Mix proportion: 20 kg powder + 6 kg of water) , after mixing static placed about 10 minutes, just can use slightly a stir again, help increase stick force; Ceramic tile adhesive to stir well, and should be finished in 5 ~ 6 hours. 3) Set up horizontal and support after good horizontal and supporting template template Settings, worked on the surface level, with a spatula uniform of tooth profile of ceramic tile adhesive into strips, uniform distribution, set up to support the role of the board is ceramic tile to avoid adhesion strength, the phenomenon of the displacement or drop before. 4) According to the starting from the Windows and doors, from top to bottom, from left and right order for ceramic tile shop is stuck. The shop is stuck method is: first ready leveling layer, then apply glue mixture on the back to the ceramic tile of laid, you push hard on the, until the ceramic tile surface level, within 15 minutes of ceramic tile on the shop can by moving the correct position above is the ceramic tile manufacturers to introduce how to use ceramic tile, ceramic tile adhesive if there are other questions welcome letter calls inquiry. Look at the article recommended: ceramic tile seam beauty
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