How to use ceramic tile to stick a

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-28
Received today the owner friends emergency help, ask small make up floor tile should stick a pressure, no pressure deformation? ( Ceramic tile stick a) What is a ceramic tile to stick a first? In the case of ceramic tile stick not neat, some friends just hope that through the joint can solve the problem, the result after more ugly, so there will be a friend to choose ceramic tile to stick a to compensate. Ceramic tile chamfering. 1, advantage: with horn line of ceramic tile or stone without mo Angle, chamfering can effectively guarantee the package edge fillet straight, make the decoration edges more stereo aesthetic feeling. 2. Disadvantages: tile Angle of grinding process, a lot of work to workers' skill is also very high. Poor quality of ceramic tile can present tile edge is not straight, the phenomenon such as edge grinding easy to present the critical edge. Ceramic tile to stick a: 1, the advantage: safety, arc ease orthogonal cutting knock against damage, device briefly, the province, save time, save material. With horn line ceramic tile or stone material without mo, chamfering. 2, weakness: the ceramic tile with Yang horn line material, PVC material ceramic tile Yang horn line in large scale, the price is low, consumption is relatively wide, defect is the thermal stability and impact resistance is poor. The seam floor tile should be doing now. Is to fill the gap of directly, the color you like, and then the match finally use knife to put on his flat. The seam than stick a better, but also the beautiful color also has a lot of, you can choose the color that oneself like. If after the tile is not ideal, as far as possible through the beauty of late seam offset, using stick a is not very ideal, but I can't really spend bit of idea of ceramic tile stick a slowly or can be remedied. ( Ceramic tile stick a)
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