How to use the toilet wall brick decorated?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-30
For a bathroom area is small, poor lighting, does not apply to brunet wall brick of warm color department. Because dark wall brick make a person feel the space smaller, more make the room appears dark: in addition to the wall tile warm color department, feel forward to converge on the vision, will increase the depressive feeling of the room. So this kind of room wall tile commonly USES light color and cool color department. On the other hand, for a large area, daylighting is good bathrooms, basically should consider how to make people feel warm and comfortable in the bath. So, can use warm color department of wall brick, color slightly deep. Wall brick as background of sanitary ware, plays the role of the foil. So in terms of color lightness, chroma is much lower than the sanitary ware. Proper collocation, can make the sanitary wares have more clean and beautiful feeling. Wall brick should keep a tone at the same time, the general color to deep some relative to wall tile floor tile. In addition, in different places should choose different patterns of wall brick. The wall brick of toilet, should design reservation, colour quietly elegant, vaguely, cannot a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role; The style of kitchen wall tiles should be given priority to with the concise and lively, pay attention to the coordinated with ambry, arrange stage of design and color, design should be simple and easy, make the person feels clean and clear, adorn a few pieces of tile, appropriately choosing color contrast larger graphics, can build relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Wall brick quality requirements higher, inferior wall brick can lack the hidden cracks, flat-fell seam winding, etc. Choose wall brick should be to surface roughness of wall brick, verticality, smoothness and other important basis to measure. Should avoid to use without the wall brick of the brand. All in all, different wall brick, give a person with different visual feeling. According to the different environment, adjust measures to local conditions, it is the request of choose wall brick.
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