Hutch defends brick in ceramic tile?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-28
General decorating a process, some space can use colorful ceramic tile to performance. But can show a ceramic tile & quot; Alternative & quot; The ceramic tile of visual perception. Indoor ceramic tile in the shop is stuck location can be divided into two categories, wall brick and floor tile. Strictly speaking wall ceramic tile belongs to fictile, floor tile is porcelain goods normally, their physical characteristic is different, both from choose clay burden to have very big distinction to fire craft, metope brick bibulous rate is about 10%, than the bibulous rate is only 1% of ground tile is several times higher. Overland tip: the ground of the kitchen and toilet should laid is bibulous the ground brick with low rate, because the ground often can use much clear water wash and brush, that such ceramic tile ability do not affected, do not induct besmirch. Wall brick is glaze earthen, moisture content is higher, its the reverse side is compared commonly coarse, this also is helpful for bind agent affixing metope brick wall, kitchen and toilet often choose the brick as ground brick. This brick after firing on the surface grinding, have very good skid resistance and wear resistance, namely general said & quot; Prevent slippery floor tile & quot; 。 And hutch defends often choose the wall brick of glazed pottery, namely the brick surface treated with burn glair tile. In general, glazed tile than polishing tile rich colour and design, at the same time have the effect of antifouling. This kind of ceramic tile structure density, high strength, bibulous rate is low, the fouling resistance is strong, adornment is widely applied in the process. Choose ceramic tile, the color can be according to the inside of the kitchen and toilet appliances in choice, to achieve the overall coordination, specification size will be according to the size of their space. Smooth and glance the ceramic tile of strong sex should not be used for the toilet, because of the dazzling light can make people uncomfortable. Can choose different color ceramic tile crisscrossed, build a dreamy feeling.
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