Improve the quality of life, and learn to cleaning and maintenance of ceramic tile from the beginning

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-17
The owners of the pursuit of quality of life, pay attention to every detail of a family to decorate, including decoration materials selection and application. And have become an indispensable in the family is decorated in ceramic tile decorative elements, many of the owners want to be able to choose and buy into the ceramic tile of high quality, high cost performance products. From a family to decorate to family life, of course, the ceramic tile of choose and buy a very important, the ceramic tile of the late cleaning and maintenance is careless. Now, almost every family metope and ground is large area shakedown is covered with tile. After years of use, ceramic tile surface will be infected with dirt, dirt accumulation. If not regular cleaning and maintenance, not only affect the visual aesthetic and live mood, look dirty and old; And will make the back of the cleaning and maintenance more difficult, and affect the service life of ceramic tile. So, ceramic tile should how to do the cleaning and maintenance, how to operate more efficiently, more effective? For the cleaning and maintenance of ceramic tile, from that moment on the ceramic tile shop sticks to complete. First of all, after completing the shop is stuck in ceramic tile, should timely clean ceramic tile accidentally touched on the surface of the cement, caulking agent such as stain. Next, want to in the shop is stuck after 12 hours, check whether any empty drum ceramic tile phenomenon, timely repair. Moreover, ceramic tile shop is good after a day, can walk trample on it, this also means that the ceramic tile surface can be thorough cleaning. In addition, the ceramic tile in the shop is stuck out a week, and sprinkle some water on the ceramic tile, every day to keep the surface wet, but be careful not to over water. In the everyday use of family life, also want to ceramic tile proper maintenance and protection, prevent ceramic tile craze, damp, stains, mildew, produce scratches. Should avoid to use sharp objects usually knock wall ground tile, avoid big furniture friction drag back and forth, keep the wall ground is dry, place of ceramic tile aperture can brush a waterproof agent to prevent mold growth. If have a stain on the surface of the ceramic tile of dust, the need for clean, usually use cloth and water as far as possible, also can be used with home detergent, detergent, laundry detergent, such as detergent, use less as far as possible need not or chemicals. No obvious scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile, can through the smear toothpaste wipe. In addition, irregular wax, ceramic tile can also be coated with wax so as to achieve the effect of the daily maintenance. Ceramic tile bear the important functions in the home, also affects the whole space and beautiful appearance. If ceramic tile is dirty, every mood. Above the ceramic tile of cleaning and maintenance skills, but also put into action, can let household life better.
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