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by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-11
Improved full glazed ceramic - - - - - - - Diamond in order to improve the traditional glazed ceramic tile not wear-resisting technical problem, experts developed a ceramic tile has a diamond hardness as the proportion of the amount of molecular glaze, made hard cast after ceramic tile, after a second high temperature sintering formed a epoch-making revolutionary product - - - - - - - - - - - - Diamond ceramic tile, this one is more wear-resisting, scratch-resistant flowers, the ceramic tile of simple sense is strong. A change of perspective, the diamond can be interpreted as all glazed ceramic tile ceramic tile, updated version. Diamond polishing ceramic tile is hard cast mould, while the hardness increased the difficulty of lapping, polishing time growth, but the glaze smoother after polishing, polishing the possibility of excessive reduce accordingly, so as to realize 'zero water ripple' process. Diamond tile USES is secondary to burn the super chip technology, make the bottom slab of ceramic tile, physical performance is more stable, not easy to pollution, and with the ds crystallization glaze glazing process for many times, effectively reduce stain invasion again. Diamond on the edge of the ceramic tile processing, smooth enamel, surface effect is more generous nature, flatness polishing tile press close to, completely solve the problem of water ripple, quality better Overland diamond tile can try more seamless shop is stuck. Diamond glaze wear-resisting ingredients such as adding silicon inside, make ceramic tile glaze similar molecular structure of C60 class diamond formation, can improve product performance, and 50% increased hardness, high wear resistance, good solve the previous glazed ceramic tiles easy scratching defect. Overland diamond tile to tile is the demand is higher, the finished product thickness to 11. 5 - 12. 5 mm, the thickness of the glass surface reaches 0. 5 - 1 mm, then the secondary burning super chip technology, 1180 degrees, such as high temperature secondary fire to achieve 92 - the brightness of the diamond 96 degrees, basically can replace the effect of glazed ceramic tile. Diamond tile using secondary burning super chip technology and secondary glazing process, the glaze layer thicker hair color more even, and more natural transition, thus, the design and color is more beautiful, fully feeling stronger, imitation stone effect under the diamond glaze, lifelike, height reduction stone effect.
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