In 2020, the ceramic tile floor tile domestic outfit begins from the bottom makeup

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-26
Every kind of ceramic tile and floor tile decorative style, in the final analysis is a summary, attitude to life as both contemporary and contracted ceramic tile decoration effect and the new Chinese style of aesthetic effect of traditional Chinese dual ceramic tile decoration effect, combine the actual demand and meditate on the feelings of modern, reduction of classical flavor with modern technique to create atmosphere and do not break elegant texture, it all depends on a good ceramic tile design, the ceramic tile design is never just simple decoration, but space and ceramic tile material combination, when the whole house ready in the brick tile, space will be material born infected by the atmosphere. 'Connect body | ceramic tile ceramic tile series sitting room show' not like the traditional Chinese style decorates a style, the sitting room decorate ceramic tile using the straight line of concise, hale and hearty, match with similar natural texture component, the exhibit strong store content function at the same time, also for the sitting room to add a beautiful scenery line, what mirror a modern to pursue simple life not only to live requirement, more catered to the pursuit of simple design style atmosphere, more practical, more modern. Silver grey (connect body to Turkey TPGM80015) 800 x 800 mm show rendering the sitting room to join a lot of modern elements, broke the traditional living room style thick, shows the characteristics of a kind of fashion, can let a person get a nap after working and studying, bright and clean bright beautiful flowers. the in reflected light, space to create a gentle quiet atmosphere, warm afternoon, together with his family to enjoy the afternoon sun, very comfortable. Connect body to dubai ash ( TPGM80017) 800 x 800 mm tiles decorated adhering to the traditional Chinese style elegance and sitting room inside, broke the space already pale feeling, also the charm of modern Chinese the whole sweep of the bedroom completely, component of ceramic tile with a kind of natural jade texture, give a person a kind of pure and fresh and elegant lasting appeal. The tile brought low ash ( TPGM80018) 800 x 800 mm component ceramic tile surface vicissitudes of natural mottled texture, uneven concave and convex texture effect, telling the master to the natural plain, elegant quiet life quality, for the space to add a touch of elegant beauty. The tile tile picking starlight brown ( TPGM80021) 800 x 800 mm bring every home has a soul, and home decoration can reflect life state and members of the personality characteristics of the family. Ceramic tile tile series with pure, bright, transparent luster texture space and elegant demeanor, think about the good life into the household, let herself in an exciting ceramic tile floor tile household life. Look at the article recommended: how to choose the floor tile finish the living room floor tile shop sticks rendering
Currently there is a global trend growing. People are more conscious about ceramic floor tile and are seeking alternatives to traditional solutions.
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