In addition to aldehydes anion ceramic tile ceramic tile and introduction

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-22
Along with our country the basic control epidemic, people health of the environment that occupy the home, especially after the ceramic tile that occupy the home to decorate the purification of air and more care about, in addition to formaldehyde function today, ceramic tile manufacturers often mentioned negative ion ceramic tile and small make up employment in addition to aldehydes ceramic tile do is introduced as follows: 1. Basic principle of purification, anion ceramic tile is in the process of ceramic tile, add pure natural tourmaline mineral raw materials, this kind of pure natural raw materials need to reach a certain concentration can stir up oxygen in the air, causing a lot of air negative ions, the raw material tourmaline can react with water molecules in the air, produces negative ions, purify air. Tsinghua university professor yong-fa zhu pointed out a few years ago, the function of the anion removal of particulate matter is limited, he said that the principle of anion purifying particles is on a small scale, high concentration under the collision probability is bigger, can have the effect of large particles sedimentation purification particulate matter. But the degradation of formaldehyde, can reduce particulate matter pollution, so negative ion removal of formaldehyde. 2. Ceramic tile is in addition to aldehyde technology principle: ceramic tile led technology creates peacefully aldehyde, active degradation of indoor harmful gas such as formaldehyde, efficient, fast, far-infrared by the detection technology research institute of China to launch rate as high as 92%. (1) led creates peacefully aldehyde technology, so that the degradation of formaldehyde function layer tightly adhering ceramic tile surface; (2) adopts international advanced degradation of formaldehyde function layer materials, continuity and permanent of degradation of formaldehyde; (3) do not absorb formaldehyde, but the decomposition of formaldehyde, formaldehyde decomposed into: co2 + water; Except the aldehyde technology with the above analysis shows, ceramic tile is a direct and efficient degradation of formaldehyde in addition to the aldehyde technology xu, negative ion ceramic tile is a premise, that is tourmaline to within a certain range and high concentrations can have clean air. Look at the article recommended: ceramic tile ceramic tile degradation of formaldehyde
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