In such ceramic tile, I refuse to 'ge you lie'

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-22
In the busy city, was quiet little city, a study of their own, will not allow you to rediscover your world. Today we are going to have a look, when the Overland ceramic tile on the study, there will be how a lasting appeal. Daylighting sex strong study always brings a sense of bright bright and clear, natural light infiltration let a space appear neat and strong, with wood grain tile wall stick, there is no doubt that fuelled the elegant. Antique wood grain and the fusion of classical decoration, solemn and quiet, look at a book and a cup of tea, experience the peace of the reading brings. Overland wood grain brick PM920014 warm yellow light projected on the floor tile, than the street bustling night market, now feel gentle, maybe you'll find it most precious. Little deer style furnishing articles, and harmonious collocation of white ceramic tile very slowly. Simple with some clever, let a person seeks to grasp, to pursue. Like archaize tile, and never need a reason. Spray a ray of sunshine, with some warmth, a table, one chair is enough to secure. Pursue the taste of nature, is to let people miss the original color, follow and comfortable is the pursuit. Cement block with tatami type is decorated, have let you remind of, s past and hard struggle. Main contracted white collocation, slightly Europe type style, let a person feel bright and clean and tidy, should do some sat down to work. Wood grain brick of the world, always so elusive, the shelf saying a good look, maybe. Shallow ash wood grain, concise. Even if you don't have a desk, also could not prevent your learning impulse. Like can turn out to be so true, so beautiful. 陆路
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